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Electrician Employment Contract Template: Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities for New Hires


So, you hired a new employee for your electrical service business—congratulations! From posting the job and interviewing candidates to checking references, the hiring process undoubtedly proves time consuming and labor intensive for small businesses and large enterprises alike. The hard work is almost over, but before you onboard your new hire, they need to sign on the dotted line of your electrician employment contract. 

The employment contract defines roles and responsibilities, outlines the conditions of employment, and serves as legal protection for your business and the employee. After an employee signs, successful electrician companies empower them with tools to simplify and streamline common tasks, like job costing, creating proposals, and accepting payments in the field. Many electricians turn to ServiceTitan electrician software for these needs.

Below, we’ll discuss the importance of an electrician employment contract template, provide an example template, and cover how electrician software automates processes, so you can scale and grow your business.

What is an electrician employment contract template?

An electrician employment contract template is a downloadable, customizable document electrical business owners can use to draft and formalize agreements between their business and a new employee. Also known as an employment agreement, the legal document must be signed by the employer and employee to be valid.

Electrician employment contract templates should outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of all parties and include:

  • Job title

  • Salary information and payment schedule

  • Work schedule (full-time, part-time, or fixed term)

  • Start date (and end date for fixed-term independent contractor agreements)

  • Probationary period (if applicable)

  • Benefits information (if applicable)

  • Confidentiality clause

  • Non-compete agreement (if applicable)

  • Dispute resolution and termination terms

Why do you need an electrician employment contract?

Like an abridged version of your electrical contractor employee handbook, the employment contract agreement helps the employee understand their job duties by outlining responsibilities and the expectations your business has for that employee. The written contract protects all parties should one side break the terms of the agreement. 

At a service company, technicians completing electrical work often have access to intellectual property and confidential information, like client records, and a confidentiality clause—included in the employment contract—prohibits employees from disclosing that information.

Current solutions for creating electrician employment contracts

When it comes to drafting an electrician employment contract, electrical contractors have three options:

  1. Draft their own from scratch

  2. Utilize an electrician employment contract template

  3. Hire a lawyer well versed in employment law to draft a contract

Option one is time consuming, labor intensive, and can create legal issues down the road. Option three costs a significant amount. Whatever works best for your business needs is the right choice, but option two—using a template—provides a way to save time, money, and the headache, so you get your techs in the field faster. 

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Electrician employment contract benefits employer and employee

Without an employment contract, employees may not understand their job duties, and employers don’t have something to refer back to if the employee fails to meet expectations. Protect all parties with an electrician employment contract.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize the form with your company name and logo.

Empower new employees with all-in-one electrician business software

Once your new employee signs the contract of employment, set them up for success by empowering them with ServiceTitan electrician software. The cloud-based solution streamlines operations from your office to the field, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Help techs arrive fully informed

Nothing ruins a home services experience like technicians arriving at a job site completely unfamiliar with the customer’s needs or the task at hand. Your tech might show up without the right tools or parts, misidentify a longtime customer, or perform the wrong repair. All of these outcomes potentially harm your business, from wasting electrician work hours and revenue to generating negative online reviews.

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app for iOS and Android, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, syncs with your office—equipping techs in the field with key information your CSRs collected during the intake process, including customer contact info, address and routing information, and even outstanding estimates. Techs can also review a customer’s initial call or listen to recordings of phone calls between customers and CSRs—allowing them to understand in greater detail what their current assignments might entail.

When techs reach their job sites, ServiceTitan has already provided them with a ton of information: customer needs and preferences, on-the-ground conditions, and outstanding requests. Your electrical techs can also view complete service history, existing equipment and systems, club or service memberships, work-site images, notes, previous invoices, and more, to accurately address customer needs.

Improve efficiency with digital forms in the field

With ServiceTitan Mobile, you don’t need to worry about your tech forgetting to take a form or misplacing service contracts in their vehicle. Upload digital forms to a mobile device to ensure your techs record every detail. You can even trigger forms to automatically appear for certain job types or during different parts of the job cycle, so a tech can’t close out a job until they complete the form.

Digital forms help electrical companies implement consistent workflows, reduce chances for error, and increase customer satisfaction. A mobile field service app also helps electrical techs present customers tiered sales options in the field, build branded estimates, and accept payment, all with a few taps on a mobile device.

When you give your team the tools they need to work more efficiently, you eliminate unnecessary phone calls or extra trips to the office, enabling them to get more done in less time.

Streamline electrical installations and service to maximize profit

Use electrical scheduling and dispatching software to match techs to the right job for the most profit. Drag-and-drop scheduling makes the job of your CSR or dispatcher easier, so they can make quick updates. With all customer and job information in one place, such as a customer’s property data and previous jobs, your techs stay in the loop and can spot larger sales opportunities.

ServiceTitan’s reporting capabilities give you greater insight into granular details of each job, so you can make informed decisions about labor, job trends, or recurring services. Tracking performance metrics allows you to make meaningful improvements and supercharge your electrical business.

Improve employee retention at your service company

Implementing a comprehensive onboarding process and giving employees the tools they need to perform their jobs well results in happier employees who want to help you grow your service business. Not only does ServiceTitan increase efficiency, it also provides metrics and technician scorecards so you can monitor your employee’s progress.

Within the technician scorecard, you can track technician key performance indicators (KPIs), including:

  • Estimate conversion rate 

  • Average ticket size

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Memberships sold

  • Leads generated

  • Billable hours

  • Tasks per call

When you increase accountability and visibility for every technician and CSR, and also promote some healthy competition among your team, it motivates employees to go the extra mile and gives your whole team a chance to celebrate the wins together. 

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