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It’s Go Time: How Coaching Can Help Rebuild Trust in Your Inventory

November 7, 2023

Episode Overview

Inventory management is a key part of every technician’s workflow. It’s also an elephant in the room that no one likes to deal with.

That’s where Jeremy Wickenhauser comes in.

A Certified ServiceTitan Coach with Go Time Success Group, Wickenhouser and his fellow coaches help contractors and their teams implement ServiceTitan integrations–so the job can be done with fewer hiccups.

He was on hand at ServiceTitan’s Pantheon 2023 conference in Orlando to help demystify some common inventory issues.

And, to talk about general concerns and solutions for getting a workforce comfortable with technology that’s new to them.

“We help customers with onboarding, inventory implementations, accounting integrations,” Wickenhauser says. “Basically, anything within ServiceTitan you feel is a pain point, or [if] you want to get a little bit of guidance.” 

He keeps in mind that nobody is born with an innate knowledge of software platforms.

“Everything is scary when it’s new,” Wickenhauser says. “Nobody wants to be the one to push that button because they don’t want to be the one [who] pushes the wrong button…We’re here to help you.” 

His help and expertise extends to the crucial function of inventory management.

“Once your inventory system isn’t accurate, people stop trusting it,” Wickenhauser says. “So the big thing is making sure that, if there is a mistake, we know how to fix it.”

There are myriad ways to be inefficient and waste time when it comes to inventory. Part hunting, he adds, is one of the trades’ biggest money sinks.

Jeremy Wickenhauser recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel on the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Wickenhause’s thoughts on:

  • (4:22) Why coaching is an important part of customer implementation

  • (11:41) How poor inventory management erodes trust in a business

  • (18:46) Advice for contractors considering a coaching collaboration

  • (21:03) Training technicians to be comfortable with new tech

  • (23:17) Creating awareness of the trades as a career

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