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It's Not Personal: What to Do When You Get a Bad Yelp Review

It’s estimated that up to 88% of consumers check online reviews to vet businesses, including 97% of those aged 18-34. That means every service company needs to carefully handle bad reviews on sites like Yelp and Facebook—even when they seem unreasonable.

Let’s look at five steps for dealing with negative reviews of your home service business and how to earn back good will from customers.

STEP ONE: Stay Calm

Remember that every company—from Coca-Cola to your local mom-and-pop—receives negative feedback. It's even estimated that up to a third of jilted customers will go online to write a review of the company in question.

So before you decide to publicly rebuke a former customer, remember that a bad review is not the end of the world. Proceed only when you’ve emotionally divorced yourself from the review.

STEP TWO: Read Carefully

Once you feel you can be objective, it's time to read the review and take note of critical details like:

  • The date of the service

  • The name of the tech dispatched that day

  • The type of service rendered

  • Any other job history notes that could be relevant

STEP THREE: Interview Your Team

When you have a solid grasp on the customer's side of the story, it's time to find out your team's. If your company uses a comprehensive software solution, you’ll also want to review any record of the job in question, including customer profiles, job histories, phone recordings, and more.

STEP FOUR: Write a Response

It’s recommended businesses respond to bad online reviews within seven days. If you found that your team dropped the ball, apologize and offer to rectify the mistake.

If you don’t believe your team mishandled the job, still be magnanimous. Apologetic phrases like "we're sorry you feel this way" or "customer service is important to us and we're sorry this was your experience" should accompany your explanation.

STEP FIVE: Remember Who’s Reading

Throughout this process, remember that your response to a bad review is going to be read by people looking into your company's reputation. What potential customers want to see is that event when things don't go perfect, your company is ready to step up in a professional manner and make things right.

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