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Data nerd Dawn Wasicek shares her 5 favorite ServiceTitan reports

Pat McManamon
February 2nd, 2022
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Dawn Wasicek refers to her inner geek when she talks about her love of data and what she can glean from ServiceTitan reports.

“I could live in reports all day long,” the consultant with the PowerHouse Group said in a recent ServiceTitan Facebook Live. “Reports make my inner nerd sane.”

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That has helped Wasicek dive into the nether regions of ServiceTitan’s cloud-based software for the trades to find helpful, actionable reports. Meaning they can lead ServiceTitan users to take productive actions based on the data.

“Reports don’t have to be just about data analysis,” Wasicek said. “That’s one of the things I love about ServiceTitan.”

Wasicek said she fell into the trades in 2014 after moving to Austin from Brooklyn. She applied for several jobs, and wound up working as an HVAC office manager.

“Just kind of stuck with it,” she said. “I really enjoyed the pace of the business and the business of the business.”

She implemented ServiceTitan with the company in 2017, and this year started with PowerHouse, which works with contractors in the United States and Canada.

Wasicek spoke with Jackie Aubel, ServiceTitan’s Senior Content Manager, and Natalie Koch, ServiceTitan’s Social Media and Content Strategist, about her top five ServiceTitan reports.

They are:

Membership Sold By

This helps track team members who sold memberships, which makes the awarding of spiffs easier to monitor.

“There's a lot of great settings in the Pricebook and Payroll reports where you can actually automatically figure out what your techs are supposed to be paid, but it's really hard to track what the office has sold,” Wasicek said.

“You can extract this report. I'm sure you can do it out of other softwares, maybe using custom reports, but I have created this report out of QuickBooks. So as long as you're using your Sales Rep and QuickBooks, you can run a report based on the sales tax and the rep. And you can have a filter of your date range for the sold membership.”

Found on ServiceTitan in Memberships and Customer Memberships, the report can be filtered by date, customer name, membership type and sold by, which she called vital.

“If Cindy sold 10 memberships last week, I can see all 10 of Cindy's memberships grouped together,” Wasicek said. “You can certainly schedule the report to go to certain people to trigger payroll, but this does eliminate that manual tracking. A lot of times you see that (with) CSRs. They’re writing down when they sell a membership and there's no reason to do that.”

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Inside Sales

This report helps businesses “spiff their staff based on estimates that they follow up on and sell and schedule the work,” Wasicek said. It is based on estimates, and includes customer name, estimate name, parent job number, estimate status and sold. The report will show who created the estimate and who sold it.

“You can filter your sold-by or group your sold-by, and it'll tell you, and your technician will still get credit because they created the estimate,” Wasicek said.

It is especially helpful for companies that have 20, 30 or 40 technicians creating estimates, Aubel said. That report also could get bulky, so limiting it to a payroll period and/or certain individuals will limit the length.

Membership Sold With a Missing Payment Method

This report is invaluable if the person who made the sale forgets to save the payment method to membership or on the customer file. Wasicek runs them by the week and looks at all memberships, based on sold on date, customer name and payment method.

“If there’s a blank payment method they’re going to go and get on that phone and call that customer right away before they get into billing problems,” Wasicek said. “It’s really awkward when you’re calling after the payment or you run the billing cycle and it failed. Then you’re doing billing catch-up.”

Call Volume Report

This report is based on a date range that provides a graph of call volume. This report makes it easy to spot busy times, days and trends, which leads to actions that keep the phones covered at those busy times.

“You can look at time of day and when those calls are coming in,” she said. “Noon is a really busy time. So maybe we want to send someone to lunch at 11. Maybe we don't schedule meetings (at a certain time) here because we know it's going to be super busy.

“This report is awesome.”

Invoice Item Sales Report

Wasicek calls this report “ a great analysis tool for building out your Pricebook.” As she spoke, she called up a sample report – and gushed.

“We've got the item code -- we know that this is a water heater,” she said. “You can bring in the Pricebook description if you want. You can see where your Pricebook category is, in case things are categorized wrong.

“I love this report. My nerd is showing.

“We're missing sold hours and linked materials. So we sell a lot of one brand of toilets. So maybe we want to get in and look at this Pricebook item, and make sure that we have the correctly linked materials, we've got our sold hours.

“Maybe build out some pictures so our techs can sell more of them, maybe also for creating estimate and proposal templates.

“You can see your top sold items and you can concentrate on those items for your proposal templates and building out those good, better, best packages. So, there are all sorts of really cool KPIs you can bring in on this report.”

Wasicek said the first time she created this report she Slacked the entire team about it.

“Anything that has that many filters makes me so excited because it's so many interesting little nuances that you can start to pull from that report,” Koch said. “It's fun to know that you can keep being a data nerd or report nerd in different fun ways.”

Wasicek understands that not everyone is a “report nerd” the way she is. She offered a few tips, including “less is more” when searching and focusing on exactly what the business wants to know when creating a new report.

“What data are you looking to pull in?” she said. “Get a plan and know what type of report you want. Don’t be scared and just dive into it.”

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