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Track CSR Productivity While Working Remotely with ServiceTitan Phones Pro

User IconMelani Deyto & Riley Dunning
Clock IconSeptember 8th, 2020
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How do you track and manage your CSRs’ time and productivity when working remotely? How do you ensure your CSRs are handling calls efficiently and understand what they are doing with their time? When are you busiest call times and when are your CSRs sitting idle?

As a CSR Manager, those are the questions that may be top of mind, especially if you are using a cloud-based phone system that allows your team to work from home. Call analytics are key to helping you see what’s happening in real time, monitor the quality of calls and analyze CSR performance. Let’s take a look at some key features available in ServiceTitan Phones Pro that can help you track your CSRs efficiency and effectiveness.

Create Custom Off-Duty Statuses

With ServiceTitan Phones Pro, you can find out who is actively on a call, wrapping up a call, off duty or available through the Agents tab of our Call Center inbox. If you’re interested in going beyond a simple “Off-Duty” status, you can set up custom off-duty statuses that provide more detail, like “lunch” or “bathroom” or “15 minute break.” 

Check CSR Status Analytics for Availability Over Time

Want details on how much time each of your CSRs is spending on a call vs how much time is spent as available? Information like this is key to providing insight on which CSRs are most productive. If call times are running longer than average, this may be a sign to listen in on that CSR’s calls or play back call recordings. Track each unique status in the Analytics section for your call center, and click on export to view on-duty statistics and logs. On-duty statistics will provide you with a breakdown of time spent in each status for the date range specified. 

Monitor Daily and Weekly Stats

Watch your call center queue and monitor individual CSR metrics like average call duration, average answer time, placed, answered and missed calls. A high number of missed calls may be an indication of a CSR not putting themselves off-duty, or they may be appearing online but not actually accepting calls.

Set Up Alerts

Get email alerts like Service Level, No Agents On Duty, and Wait Time so you can stay informed of important information regarding your call center without having to watch the queue. If wait times, for instance, are longer than a certain length, you’ll want to get notified so you can address the situation and get back to providing great service by answering calls quickly.

Check CSR Performance Metrics

Ultimately the key metric to follow to ensure high CSR productivity and performance is your booking rate. According to Lenny Siers, owner of four One Hour Plumbing Heating & Air, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mr. Sparky locations in Florida and Alabama: “With Phones Pro, we can track what they[CSRs] do. We know inbound and outbound call performance from every single person on our team, positive and negative results and percentages...those KPIs make us feel comfortable that our call centers are at peak performance.”

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