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Top 15 Plumbing YouTube Channels for Industry Professionals

As a commercial and residential plumbing contractor, whether you’re an owner, manager or a solo everyday professional, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of things, keep abreast of trends, and learn new tips and tricks from fellow pros.You want to grow your plumbing business, market it well, and be aware of all the trends affecting the plumbing industry.

Plumbing, Technician Tips, Business Tips

12 Plumbing Technology Trends to Know for 2020

As a plumbing company, you want to offer your customers the best products and services to keep their plumbing systems running safely and efficiently. That means being in the know about new plumbing technology trends to better guide today’s tech-savvy residential and commercial clients. Smart home (and business) devices, including smart plumbing products, continue to rise in popularity

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Best Water Treatment Equipment to Service the Modern Homeowner

Operating a water treatment company means customers depend on you to provide clean water for their homes and businesses. To provide that essential service, water treatment providers must use the proper water treatment equipment to not only create a reliable drinking water supply, but also help customers maintain their appliances and other water-powered mechanical systems. 

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The Best Pest Control Equipment to Combat Critters and Build Your Business

Every pest infestation your technicians fail to prevent or must return to re-treat costs your company time and money, so it’s imperative you invest in the most innovative and effective pest control equipment available today. The best tools also improve your team’s efficiency and show customers you run a modern pest control company that stays updated on industry innovations. 

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Top 23 HVAC YouTube Channels for Pros

Whether you’re a rookie HVAC tech trying to learn new tips and tricks of the trade or a seasoned professional simply in need of a visual refresher course, HVAC YouTube videos cover everything under the sun—from training and troubleshooting to installation and repair.

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Top 19 Pest Control Apps to Zap the Competition and Grow Your Business

Operating your own pest control business probably means you’re busy protecting customers from rats, mice, termites, roaches, and other pesky critters every day, leaving little time to focus on the administrative side of your business. Apps for pest control can save your service crews valuable sweat equity with tools to tackle practical needs, such as a pest identifier app or pesticide record-keeping app.

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25 Best Irrigation Tools for Contractors

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of distributing the right amount of water to the right places at the right time to grow a perfectly lush landscape, customers can count on an irrigation contractor to dig deep—and bring the right irrigation tools to do the job. With most sprinkler irrigation systems buried underground, contractors who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial irrigation systems must also know how to design an efficient system and perform excavation work before installing one.

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Best Landscaping Tools for 2020

Owning and operating a landscaping business means purchasing, renting or leasing the necessary landscaping tools to keep customers’ lawns looking immaculate. Landscape equipment and professional landscaping tools are absolute musts for your business, so it’s important to research specific items you’ll need to effectively provide your company’s landscaping services and grow a successful landscaping business.

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How Plumbing Estimating Software Improves Bidding and Facilitates Faster Growth

Looking for plumbing estimating software? Take an in-depth look at how ServiceTitan is a better field service management solution to automate processes, streamline and improve bidding, and jumpstart business growth — while keeping your teams organized and on the same page.

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HVAC Work Van Organization Ideas to Improve Tech Efficiency

When your HVAC techs perform work out in the field, their company vehicle serves as their home base—making creative HVAC van setup ideas a crucial aspect of maximizing tech efficiency and organization. An HVAC work van or truck stores all of the tools and resources your team needs while on the job. It needs to be kept tidy to keep techs safe and productive, so they’re always ready for the next job.

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Best Lawn Care Equipment for Your Landscaping Business

Does transforming an overgrown, weed-filled yard into a nicely manicured lawn with perfectly mulched trees, flowers and plants make your high-performing landscape technicians bloom with pride? Help your techs deliver an awesome customer experience by using the best lawn equipment for a perfect mowing and mulching job every time. Here’s a lawn care equipment checklist with 23 lawn tools your landscaping techs need in 2020 to provide the most professional customer experience.

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A Plumbing Sales Training System That Increases Your Average Ticket Prices

One of the most common concerns we hear from plumbing contractors is that their average ticket prices are lower than they’d like them to be. Some plumbing business owners are leveraging sales training programs to help their techs improve at sales.

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How Electrical Bidding Software Works (and How It Can Increase Your Bottom Line)

In this article, we’ll show precisely how a product like ServiceTitan’s electrical software can help business owners perfect their estimating system — one that guarantees that more work results in greater rewards.

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Landscaping Scheduling Software: Streamline Services and Optimize Tech Routes

In this article, we discuss the specific pain points landscaping companies experience and we dive into detail about how ServiceTitan’s landscaping business software helps to streamline scheduling.

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8 HVAC Safety Hazards to Avoid: A Technician's Guide to Safety Standards

Whether you run an HVAC business or are a field tech yourself, technician safety must be a central focus in your day-to-day operations to avoid dangerous and costly HVAC accidents. Danger lurks in some of the most unsuspecting places, and industry professionals should not only adhere to best HVAC servicing procedures, but stay vigilant for common hazards as well.

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Inside a Plumber’s Van: Maintenance Tips and Best Practices for Plumbing Van Setup

Keeping a plumbing van properly organized can prove difficult. Between a busy schedule and a stockpile of tools, plumbing van organization creates a major pain point that may disrupt productivity and safety. We interviewed industry leaders about their best plumbing van storage ideas.

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23 Best Septic Tank Tools for 2020

Inspecting, maintaining, or installing septic systems requires the right septic tools to keep customers’ home waste systems clean and in good working order. Septic tank service providers must also protect themselves from various health hazards, such as infectious diseases, dangerous gases, and electrical shock.  

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Top 20 Lawn Care Business Apps in 2020

With so many lawn care business apps and landscaping apps available for your smartphone and tablets, it has never been easier as the owner of a lawn care company to work smarter rather than harder. Lawn care apps can save your service team some sweat equity by providing tools to help tackle practical tasks such as landscape design planning and lawn maintenance scheduling. They’re sure to trim the hours you spend sweating administrative tasks such as payroll and GPS-based dispatching. 

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How to Create an HVAC Sales Commission System That Works (and Is Actually Manageable) 

With ServiceTitan, HVAC contractors can ensure that their commissions are accurately tracked and calculated every time, and that their commission system is seamlessly integrated with their job bidding and payroll processes. ServiceTitan also helps HVAC shops save the time they spend on payroll by 10-40 hours per week. 

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How to Choose the Field Service Software That’s Right for Your Company

It’s difficult, of course, to predict what your business is going to need as it grows. It’s hard to see the future. That’s why we often suggest that contractors identify a company or two that look like what they envision for their own business and try to pay them a visit.  By seeing first-hand the kind of functionality they’ll need if all goes according to plan, they almost always grasp the key elements they should be looking for in a field service management software, which are much the same we’ve outlined in this article.

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13 Must-Have Chimney Cleaning Tools for Service Techs in 2020

The career of a chimney sweep seems like a never-ending episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe—soot-coated hands in all their glory. But any chimney cleaning professional knows it takes more than a steady pair of diligent hands to get the job done right—it also takes the best chimney cleaning tools. As chimney sweep technology continues to improve, so does the well-stocked chimney cleaning kit of a professional chimney sweep.

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Plumbing Pricing Guide: How to Price Plumbing Jobs for Maximum Profitability 

Like most business owners, plumbing contractors tend to assume that the more work they get, the more money they’re going to make. Unfortunately for plumbers, the opposite is frequently true. Having completed their busiest year ever, the owners of plumbing companies all too often discover that rather than sitting in the catbird seat—where they ought to be—they find they’re actually looking at a huge loss. 

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What You Should Know Before Investing in HVAC Estimating Software

The industry experts on our team have noticed something you wouldn’t expect: when HVAC companies go out of business, it’s often right after they’ve had their busiest year ever. As crazy as that sounds, there’s usually a simple explanation: More often than not, these shops simply weren’t pricing their services correctly. 

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How to Choose the Best Tech Tool Bag

All contractors in the skilled trades, from plumbers and electricians to HVAC and garage door technicians, know which tools they need to do their jobs well. But when it comes to carrying those tools from job to job, some don’t use the best tech tool bag to prevent possible injury. According to OSHA, back and shoulder injuries from lifting heavy loads account for more than 36 percent of days missed from work in service industries. 

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25 Essential Electrician Tools for 2020

Workers rely on tools for accuracy, resiliency, craftsmanship, comfort, and safety. This includes electricians who keep our homes illuminated, connected, and energy efficient. Below, we review the must-have electrical maintenance tools for the modern electrician's tool belt.

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Best Rugged Tablets for Your Field Service Company? Check Out Our Picks.

You’ve probably also noticed more and more brick-and-mortar stores arming their sales associates with smartphones and tablets  to assist customers. And for good reason. Modern consumers want a seamless sales experience that educates them about their purchase.  In fact, 87 percent want brands to provide a seamless experience. What’s more, 69 percent of consumers prefer sales associates to have a smart device, like a tablet or smartphone, to teach them about what they’re buying and check availability.

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8 HVAC Technician Tips Every New Tech Needs to Know

Starting a new career is always nerve-wracking, but new home service technicians, in particular, face a myriad of challenges that would require anyone to be quick on their feet. But fear not because we’ve assembled the top eight HVAC tech tips you need to know before heading out into the field.

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