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What You Need to Know about ServiceTitan’s Summer 2023 Release

July 10th, 2023
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It’s Release Week!

ServiceTitan is excited to announce our first Seasonal release, and this is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to make the most of these Summer 2023 updates.

As a reminder of what we’ve already announced:

  • ServiceTitan will now be on a seasonal release schedule, meaning you can expect four major product updates annually. This will bring focus to our schedule (and yours) and ensure that each release delivers substantial, timely value to your business.

  • To that end, ServiceTitan has published a release calendar for the rest of 2023. We want you to be informed and prepared before releases are live!

  • At the next Town Hall on July 26, we’ll review the roadmap to share what product areas will be covered in future releases.

Summer Release Resources

Let’s get right to it! Here is a guide to all the resources you need to manage the Summer release:

• Video content: The Blue Collar Nerd reviews all the highlights of the release in this video.

• Release Highlights One-Pager: The Top 7 features, at a glance. Download here.

• YAWL (You Asked, We Listened): Within the Release Notes, we’ve noted all the features that we improved thanks to your feedback and guidance — starting with, well, this blog post, and all the updates to the release program overall. You wanted seasonal releases? You got ‘em.

Other YAWL highlights:

  • Updating business units in bulk

  • Email settings for estimates

  • Making invoice summaries a required field for technicians

  • Customizing what information is displayed on Customer records

Check out all these highlights, marked with a fancy cowboy hat icon, in the release notes.

And then finally, keep these resources handy as well:

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