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Canadian Company Co-Founder Calls Phones Pro ‘a Dream’

Pat McManamon
July 6th, 2021
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One ServiceTitan element that a new Canadian user in Alberta has come to love: The automation that’s possible with the cloud-based software.

And Tami Lackey, co-founder and CFO of Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning calls ServiceTitan Phones Pro “a dream.”

“We just forget how complicated and how heavy-lifting so many elements were prior,” Lackey said in a recent interview from Edmonton, where the company is based.

Phones Pro is an add-on service that allows users to do even more, including take calls from anywhere and benefit from customer sentiment analysis and real-time transcripts. The service helps prioritize customers who may need future help and identity training opportunities for CSRs.

With Phones Pro, calls are automatically connected to jobs. The enhancement ratchets up customer service with a seamlessly connected phone system. 

It’s all part of ServiceTitan’s overall streamlining of responsibilities to put the focus where it should be: Driving higher booking rates and increasing revenue and efficiency, whether it’s in the field or on the phone.

For instance, ServiceTitan makes building proposals almost instantaneous, Lackey said. 

“Our technicians, our sales folks were doing manual (proposals),” Lackey said. “They came back, they’d have to work out their costs. Now a lot of that happens on the fly.

“You can forget that really easily and not celebrate those things as much as we should.”

Acclaimed! joined ServiceTitan in August of 2020, after a brief Covid-caused delay in onboarding at the company’s request. After the initial software changeover challenges, Lackey is pleased with the decision to go with ServiceTitan, which Acclaimed! chose over two other software options.

She’s so upbeat about Phones Pro she and Acclaimed! are looking at adding Marketing Pro. 

“Because,” she said, “once you get a little taste of all these things that could be automated and implemented, it's like, ‘I'm hungry for some more.’”

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