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Second Chance Leads added $40,000 in revenue for Bonfe—in one month

Brendan Meyer
November 6th, 2023
2 Min Read

Before Titan Intelligence released its latest Phones Pro feature called Second Chance Leads, Bonfe Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric, Drains was doing its own, make-shift version of it.

It wasn’t a simple process. It wasn’t a quick one, either.

“It was pretty laborious,” said Jessy Karolevitz, Bonfe’s call center director. But it was important.

The process started with Bonfe’s 11 customer sales reps (CSR)—who field 3,000 calls across four different lines of business every week. It was their job to place the call correctly and to leave good enough notes for the next person to follow up with the customer, notes like name, phone number, why the customer was calling, the customer’s issue, and why they didn’t book.

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“But a lot of the time, (the CSRs) only left maybe two or three words,” Karolevitz said. “Not because they didn’t want to. They would forget or had other calls in the queue.”

Unfortunately, this meant the person who was following up on the unbooked calls had to listen to the entire call recording. It was their job to discern the customer’s tone, figure out what they were calling about, and why they didn’t book.

“To call one customer back could take 10 minutes, if not more, just to listen to it, dig into it, and come up with what was needed,” Karolevitz said. 

Then, Karolevitz and Bonfe learned about Second Chance Leads and gave it a try. 

“It has been life-changing,” Karolevitz said. “In the first month, between Second Chance Leads as well as Scheduling Pro, it has added over $40,000 in revenue.”

  • Second Chance Leads: Second Chance Leads automatically reviews a significant portion of your unbooked calls (abandoned, classified as “not a lead,” and excused). It flags only the ones with a high likelihood of being saved with a quick follow-up call back to your customer. After a CSR ends a phone call, Second Chance Leads uses Titan Intelligence to review the call recording and create a Second Chance Lead for you to review and follow-up on.

Now, instead of relying on its busy CSRs, Bonfe has all of the information it needs to follow up with unbooked calls.

“Literally at the click of a button, the artificial intelligence (AI) will tell you why the CSR didn't book it, what happened that caused them from not being able to book it, what barrier came up,” Karolevitz said. “So instead of sitting and listening to what could have been a two-minute call or a 10-minute call to figure out where it went sideways, it tells you—instantly.”

  • High accuracy: Currently, ServiceTitan is aiming for a high accuracy rate for Second Chance Leads. The goal is to ensure that all the Second Chance Leads that are sent to you are actual leads and also have a strong possibility of being saved. This means the AI doesn't create a Second Chance Lead for every missed opportunity. Depending on your typical call volume, you may get only one or two Second Chance Leads identified in a day, whereas some companies may get over a dozen.

Put more simply, Second Chance Leads is by far Karolevitz’s favorite ServiceTitan pro product feature.

“The amount of additional revenue it brings in is a game-changer for us,” she said.

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