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‘If it does this for my family …’: How ServiceTitan continues to change Atlanta couple’s life

Mike Persinger
May 18th, 2022
3 Min Read

Richard and Felicia Flournoy, owners of A-Total Plumbing in the Atlanta area, have taken their son, Jackson, to Disney World 17 times—every year Jackson wasn’t in the hospital—because Jackson loves it.

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Jackson, now 19, has special needs. When he was born, doctors said he might not live much past a year. 

Developmentally, at 19, Jackson is probably 3 to 9 nine months old, Richard said, but he's happy. He doesn't crawl or walk, but he can scoot around in the bed. Every day is a gift. 

“He is my why,” Richard said.

The most recent trip to Disney World, though, was a revelation. 

“They picked us up in a van with a lift, and we're like, ‘Why haven't we ever had one of these?” Richard, during a break in ServiceTitan’s Pantheon user conference, said. “So then we came back home, and I started looking for one.”

They found it, and purchased it in January. Now Jackson can leave the office for lunch, or to visit a job site, or just to run an errand, because the long process of getting him into a standard vehicle has been removed.

“He's about 100 pounds, so before, I’d pick him up, tote him to the van, load the wheelchair up in the back, unload the wheelchair, put him back in the thing,” Richard said. “Now with the lift, we just put him in the wheelchair in the room, push him out to the van, lift him up, lock him in, and it's completely amazing.”

Increased revenue and efficiency with ServiceTitan, Richard said, enabled amazing.

“I will tell you, in the past, we might not have been able to afford it,” he said. “But because of the growth we've had with the help of ServiceTitan, we were able to get the lift van, and it's completely changed Jackson's life, our life.

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“Without ServiceTitan we wouldn't have that van. There are some amazing opportunities that are open up to us that we would've never had if we didn’t have ServiceTitan.”

With ServiceTitan’s efficiencies, including a faster payroll process at A-Total and more, the Flournoys are up to 23 technicians, from 13 when they switched to the software. When they started on ServiceTitan, $54,000 was a good revenue week. Now, that’s the weekly payroll. 

That kind of staff growth wouldn't have been possible with the spreadsheets and emails required to do payroll before ServiceTitan, the Flournoys said. 

“It would take me a week to do payroll before,” Felicia said. “(With ServiceTitan’s Payroll Pro), I did it in an hour and a half at the hotel before we came over Wednesday.”

That means more time for family.

“If you could just summarize what ServiceTitan does, it gives you time back,” Richard said. “If it does this for our family, then it does it for every family.”

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