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ServiceTitan’s Customer Referrals Program Just Got Easier

User IconDaniel Bernstein
Clock IconApril 30th, 2021
Glasses Icon3 Min Read
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Referring fellow contractors to ServiceTitan, and earning rewards for doing so, just got easier! With our new customer referrals platform, you can submit referrals, track the status of your submissions in real-time, and see your referral rewards history all in one place. 

The portal, built directly into your ServiceTitan account, allows our referral partners, to quickly create an account, submit referrals directly, or get a personalized referral link to share on social media, by email, or elsewhere online.

The Referrals Program

ServiceTitan’s Customer Referrals Program offers rewards ranging from a $500 cash bonus for each referral who attends a demo to a Ford F-150 Raptor for the contractor with the most referrals in 2021. Our customers know our software can change the contracting game for a business, and some consider referring ServiceTitan to be like sharing a superpower!

When you refer a contractor to ServiceTitan, you empower another business with an operating system designed to take their business to the next level. We are immensely grateful for your partnership as we continue to help businesses like yours achieve the extraordinary.

Accessing Your Portal (Customers)

ServiceTitan customers can access the referral portal by logging in to their account, clicking on the Profile icon, and then Refer ServiceTitan💰.

Accessing Your Portal (Referral Partners)

ServiceTitan referral partners can access the referral portal by signing up for an account. Once the sign-up process is completed, referral partners will be able to submit referrals using the “submit a referral” button.

Customers and referral partners will also have access to their complete referral history and see the status of referrals they have submitted.

Tracking Your Referrals

Track your referral submissions in the portal through the Your Referrals tab, which allows you to automatically monitor your ServiceTitan referrals’ status as they move through the process.

Check the F-150 Ford Raptor Leaderboard

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? The top contractor in customer referrals for 2021 wins a custom-wrapped Ford F-150 Raptor truck! Customers can always see how they stand via the Leaderboard tab in the portal.

You’ve Got This!

ServiceTitan’s goal is to change lives for contractors by creating software that makes their businesses more efficient and profitable. 

ServiceTitan’s referral program is how our customers can share that success with other contractors in their network. The rewards? They’re just our way of expressing our gratitude.

Explore your new referrals portal and submit a referral today!

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