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Share your ServiceTitan Superpower, Get A Big Reward

Daniel Bernstein
April 2nd, 2021
3 Min Read

Brandon Mageno wasn’t very far into his 2018 tour of Guardian Plumbers in Murrieta, Calif., before he understood that his friend at the competing business was offering him a superpower. 

Mageno, President and CEO of neighboring Big B’s Plumbing, was looking for a replacement for his outdated home services business software. Guardian, which uses ServiceTitan’s cloud-based solution, offered him a tour and a look inside the software. 

What Mageno saw in that friendly competitor’s business was the kind of vision that allowed him to see deep into parts of his business he couldn’t see before. 

“I quickly realized that it was a game-changing software,” he says. 

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After the tour, Guardian referred Mageno for a demo through ServiceTitan’s Customer Referral Program. That gave Mageno a chance to see how the software would work specifically for his business. 

That turned Mageno into a ServiceTitan customer—one with a superpower. It also turned him into an evangelist for ServiceTitan, looking to pass on the superpower to others. 

And for Guardian? The referral of Big B’s earned the shop $500, a payout that repeats for each contracting business they refer who attends a demo. And if that business becomes a ServiceTitan customer and stays live for 90 days, the referring shop gets up to $10,000. 

Mageno didn’t find either of those decisions difficult. And the fact that the referral was shared by people he trusts made the move even easier. 

Then he had the demo … 

“I instantly fell in love with so many of ServiceTitan’s features,”  Mageno says.

Big B’s Plumbing had been running its entire operation on a basic home services software, but growing pains and inefficient workflows led to frustration. And the feeling that a lack of reporting from his old software left his team “running blind.”

“There was certain data that we could pull together and look at, but it was a lot of work,” he says. 

“ServiceTitan changed that. The ability to access the data and information, to make the calls on the business and decide which direction we need to move in is huge. Having access to call booking rates is huge.”

There were other transitions, of course. Big B’s moved from time-consuming paper invoices to a modern, digital pricebook experience hosted in the cloud. That meant the ability to seamlessly offer upgrade options and make recommendations in minutes, maximizing average ticket sizes. 

That’s what happened at Big B’s.

“Since we integrated our pricebook in ServiceTitan, we’ve noticed a huge increase in our per ticket averages,” Mageno says. “We were previously around $600 per ticket average. Now, we’re averaging $1,000 per ticket.” 

And after averaging roughly $2 million a year in revenue before ServiceTitan, Big B’s has more than doubled, reaching $4.5 million in annual revenue—and growing.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Mageno feels compelled to share the ServiceTitan superpower with friends in the trades.

“ServiceTitan’s Customer Referrals Program is helping revolutionize businesses across the trades that have no idea what they’re missing,” he says. “If they joined ServiceTitan, they would start to see the power ServiceTitan has to change your business.”

Not just power. Superpower. 

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