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Announcing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro - Direct Mail and Reputation

High performing contractors know that following up on every opportunity across multiple channels and maintaining a positive online reputation are critical to success. But when it comes to direct mail and managing the process of reviews and gathering actionable insights, these marketing best practices can be a challenge to follow. Marketing Pro is about to change all that.

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Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors | How to Build Effective Campaigns

Home services businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on capturing an audience that’s more mobile than ever. Email, video, social media, and online search ads all present new opportunities for businesses to reach customers. You might be surprised to learn that direct mail marketing, which precedes digital channels, can actually increase your chances of getting in front of customers. In some cases, it’s more effective than many digital marketing methods. 

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Introducing the All New Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Have you ever felt like marketing your field services business is like playing a guessing game? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone — it’s something many marketers often struggle with. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how your marketing campaigns and overall channels are performing so you can measure your return on investment (ROI) and help you make better marketing decisions. But trying to make sense of marketing analytics isn’t always easy. It can be overwhelming to parse through lots of data and find the information you need.

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Track CSR Productivity While Working Remotely with ServiceTitan Phones Pro

How do you track and manage your CSRs’ time and productivity when working remotely? How do you ensure your CSRs are handling calls efficiently and understand what they are doing with their time? When are you busiest call times and when are your CSRs sitting idle? As a CSR Manager, those are the questions that may be top of mind, especially if you are using a cloud-based phone system that allows your team to work from home.

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How to Choose the Field Service Software That’s Right for Your Company

It’s difficult, of course, to predict what your business is going to need as it grows. It’s hard to see the future. That’s why we often suggest that contractors identify a company or two that look like what they envision for their own business and try to pay them a visit.  By seeing first-hand the kind of functionality they’ll need if all goes according to plan, they almost always grasp the key elements they should be looking for in a field service management software, which are much the same we’ve outlined in this article.

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What You Should Know Before Investing in HVAC Estimating Software

The industry experts on our team have noticed something you wouldn’t expect: when HVAC companies go out of business, it’s often right after they’ve had their busiest year ever. As crazy as that sounds, there’s usually a simple explanation: More often than not, these shops simply weren’t pricing their services correctly. 

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New and Updated Pricebook Content Delivered Right to You

Our latest feature for Pricebook Pro and our supplier integrations ensures that your pricebook is always up-to-date.

Pro Features

Introducing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro

Today at Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s annual user conference, ServiceTitan President Vahe Kuzoyan unveiled ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro. ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro are two new add-on products, which along with Pricebook Pro, now create a triad of ServiceTitan Pro Products. Together, the ServiceTitan Pro Products help home services businesses reduce friction at every step of the customer journey so they can boost efficiency, win more business, and drive customer loyalty.

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