Motivating Technicians to Provide Superior Customer Service

Lawrence LloydFebruary 2nd, 2016

Being a field technician can be incredibly taxing. Running around town from job to job and dealing with traffic, suppliers, and unhappy customers can make it challenging for techs to provide excellent customer service without fail.

But as any successful service company knows, great customer service is one of the hallmarks of a successful operation. If a business can’t motivate its technicians to provide the best service, its customers may be motivated to seek out competitors.

One way to address this issue is through technology. Performance-based software (especially platforms that are tailored specifically for home services companies) can encourage technicians to go above and beyond for customers. Here are some of the key ways in which this software can improve a team’s customer service:

Dynamic mobile technology. Mobile apps can provide technicians with access to a customer’s entire job history, including any previously unsold estimates. Revisiting these estimates serves to remind the customer about needed equipment, and it helps to build trust with the technician. Plus, thanks to interactive pricebooks and estimation tools, mobile apps provide a powerful visual way to upsell and cross-sell products and services. Building an estimate can become a memorable experience that impresses customers.

“It sets us apart and the guys love it because it cuts out a lot of handwriting,” said Troy Gardner of Plumb Level, a Texas-based plumbing company. “If we were in a larger area, I imagine there’s a lot of companies that operate the way that we do. But in our area, nobody has an iPad, so that sets us apart from our competition, plus the fact that we accept credit cards on the spot. Just the ‘shock value,’ if you will, is worth a lot.”

Check out ServiceTitan’s “Increasing Technician Sales” video below to see how mobile technology can sharpen a technician’s focus on customer service:

Utilizing a leaderboard. Performance-based software enables the tracking of each technician’s performance, so there’s no hiding behind the group’s performance. Technicians who know their results are being tracked feel more accountable for their customers’ satisfaction. The presence of a leaderboard can be powerful — it gamifies technician performance to promote friendly competition and give techs visibility into how their coworkers are tracking. This tracking is available in real time, so if techs are on top of the leaderboard, they’ll make the extra effort to maintain their top-dog status. If they’re lagging behind, they’ll feel pressured to catch up with their colleagues.

Check out ServiceTitan’s “Assessing Technician Performance” video below to see how this scenario can play out:

Does your service business need help motivating its technicians to provide better customer service? If so, give us a call to find out how ServiceTitan can encourage your employees to put customers first.

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