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How Your HVAC Business Can Deliver A First-Class Sales Experience And Boost Close Rates

Angelica Navarro
March 24th, 2022
4 Min Read

Picture this: Your HVAC shop booked a service call for a homeowner whose existing system isn’t working as well as it used to, and given its age, might be on its last legs. You send your best technician out to evaluate the situation, and they determine the homeowner does indeed need a brand new system. 

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Now comes the hard part—selling the homeowner on it. 

To close the sale, it’s crucial that your technician be able to effectively present the right options to homeowners and communicate the value of each option. Remember, homeowners may already feel anxious after being told they need a new system, because they’ll think about what they’re giving up cost-wise to get it. Let’s talk about how to flip the script by making sure your sales process focuses on what they stand to gain

Determine Homeowner Needs

Building the kind of trust that leads to a closed sale starts with knowing what a homeowner needs. Not every HVAC equipment package is right for every residential building. Make sure you know how much heating or cooling the building or room needs, so you can determine the right equipment capacity and present the most relevant options. 

Check for Equipment Rebates

Before you present equipment options to customers, check to see if any rebates are available. Rebates can help make an option more appealing to a customer, increasing the likelihood of a closed sale. 

Highlight the rebate along with total potential savings, so customers can easily get a snapshot to help them in the decision-making process. Doing this regularly can not only help you increase close rates—it can help increase ticket size, too!

Highlight Potential Energy Savings 

Sticker shock can distract homeowners from the benefits of the options you’re presenting and derail a sales opportunity. One of the keys to overcoming this is to highlight long-term energy savings. 

Help homeowners understand the value of each equipment option you present by using an energy savings calculator to showcase how much they could save over a period of time compared to what they already have. Keep this powerful tool in your sales arsenal, and you’ll find it easier to overcome cost objections. 

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Put it All Together

Now that you’ve got a few best practices to apply to your sales process, it’s time to combine them. In the past, techs and comfort advisors may have relied on third-party tools to apply some of these practices during the sales process, which could slow them down and create a less-than-ideal homeowner experience. 

But what if you had those tools in one easy-to-find place? We’ve got good news—now, you do! 

Introducing the Newly Redesigned Mobile Estimates

The Mobile Estimates experience just got better, with improvements that help your teams build presentations more easily and efficiently, and makes them more impressive and compelling to your customers. 

Along with the redesign, you can add on the HVAC pack which includes two essential estimate-building features:

  • Rebates: Highlight any available rebate savings for each option you present.

  • SEER Energy Savings Calculator: Calculate the dollar amount in energy savings for each option vs. the homeowner’s existing equipment.

Mobile estimates also now include photos and info boxes for each option, where you can add information to include in sales presentations. These info boxes include energy savings, rebates, and membership savings.

With these new features, techs and comfort advisors save time building equipment package options and can better highlight value in their sales presentations, boosting close rates. Best of all, it helps build credibility with homeowners and sets you apart from the competition.

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