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Lenny Siers Has A Big Regret About ServiceTitan Phones Pro. It’s Not What You Think.

User IconMike Persinger
Clock IconJune 17th, 2020
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Lenny Siers can see exactly how his customer service representatives are performing, in real time, as soon as he walks into his call center. 

Siers, owner of four nationally-franchised business locations of One Hour Plumbing Heating & Air, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and Mr. Sparky operating in Florida and Alabama, says he loves the accountability that provides. 

Something else he loves? The integration of ServiceTitan Phones Pro, which makes that accountability possible. The modern, cloud-based phone offering is fully integrated with ServiceTitan home and commercial services software to improve customer-facing team performance and accountability. 

Business owners can see the results at a glance, in higher booking rates, increased efficiency and more revenue. 

I can walk into my call center and see the exact performance from Phones Pro. And that really helps a lot.” 

Lenny Siers

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And for Siers, of course, on big-screen TVs.

“We have a large call center for our operation, and the performance, in real time, is up on big-screen TVs,” Siers says. “I can walk into my call center and see the exact performance from Phones Pro. And that really helps a lot.” 

Siers’ only regret is that he wishes he had implemented Phones Pro sooner. 

“Last year, we watched the development of it,” he says. “We know there were some bumps in the road. We jumped aboard, with the right call center manager, approximately a month ago. Hands down, it’s one of the best things we did with any software system, let alone what we did with ServiceTitan, is engage in one of the technology updates ServiceTitan launched and embraced it. 

“I wish I would have done it last year. We recommend anybody that's outside looking in that they need to look real hard about turning on Phones Pro because it's by far one of the biggest bangs for our dollar investments.”

Among the benefits Siers says he has seen: 

Phones Pro is scalable. With the way ServiceTitan Phones Pro is designed, it accommodates Siers’ CSRs, working onsite or remotely, because of Covid-19. “With Phones Pro, the way it’s designed, it allows us to have anywhere from 10 to 20 operators working real time with accountability onsite, but a lot of our sister companies are doing off-site based on the Coronavirus.”  

Phones Pro provides autonomy. Phones Pro gives CSRs the freedom to do their job, and do it better, even remotely. They share the load, get credit for successes, and 

Phones Pro improves clarity. With Phones Pro, CSRs log on when they are on duty, and the phone will ring wherever they are.  “Without Phones Pro, it’s, who’s going to pick it up? Who has to pick it up?  Why should I pick it up? Why should I be at my desk? Who cares that I'm at my desk?” Siers says. With Phones Pro, a CSRs headphones are automatically hooked to the into the system.” When a CSR is off duty, they log out of the system.  

Phones Pro increases accountability. But it’s not just accountability. It’s also fairness, dividing the load. “We can track what they do,” Siers says. “We know inbound and outbound call performance from every single person on our team positive and negative results percentages. And those are given to us every morning on a report summary showing every KPI we need to know about our call center. Those KPIs make us feel comfortable that our call centers are at peak performance.”

Phones Pro optimizes customer experience. The phone technology minimizes hold times, and real-time call transcription, customer sentiment analysis and instant alerts save sales now and allow business owners to better train CSRs in the future. Calls are automatically recorded, providing a great opportunity for individual feedback.  

Those benefits allow Siers to give his call center employees the support and autonomy they need while maintaining the control he wants. And the VoIP technology affords Siers something else that’s important to him: The ability to grow. 

With a 2020 goal of $30 million in revenue, based on improved performance supported by ServiceTitan, Siers says he is looking to expand from his current locations through acquisitions, pushing his revenue toward $50 million. 

He sees that possibility because ServiceTitan’s HVAC, plumbing and electrical software is scalable, at a lower cost than he expected—and so is his call center, using Phones Pro

“If we were to move forward with acquisitions,” Siers says, “we feel very comfortable with that.”

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