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Introducing Scheduling Pro: The next generation in ServiceTitan online scheduling

June 24th, 2024
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Scheduling Pro is ServiceTitan’s new premium online scheduling tool, which enables customers to book jobs directly on a contractor's website, social channels, or Google. It features a suite of new features designed to simplify onboarding, enhance the customer booking experience, and maximize conversion rates. 

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the new features on Scheduling Pro and how they can help your business.

Key Features of Scheduling Pro

  • Integrated Online Booking: Easily embed Scheduling Pro on your website, on Google, and your social channels so that customers can book jobs or submit booking requests online. These requests will appear on your Dispatch Board or in Calls>Bookings, complete with details such as services requested and customer information.

  • Reserve with Google: Integrate Scheduling Pro with Reserve with Google for seamless booking directly through Google. This integration places your business in front of thousands of potential customers searching on Google, allowing them to book jobs straight from your Google business profile.

  • Self-Onboarding: Activate your scheduler in minutes with our new self-service onboarding. This process offers a step-by-step guide to setting up your scheduler and even allows you to preview it before activation.

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  • Deeper ServiceTitan Integration: Scheduling Pro is now fully integrated within the ServiceTitan platform, allowing you to manage its configurations directly within ServiceTitan for seamless operations.

  • Multiple Schedulers: Create and manage multiple schedulers for different uses, organized by company or brand, without needing multiple accounts.

  • Capacity Controls: Choose from various capacity options, including ACP (adjustable capacity planning) integration, unrestricted booking using ServiceTitan business hours, or custom capacity solutions that consider specific technicians’ schedules. You can also manage blocked dates, booking buffers, and future booking windows.

  • Scheduler Theming and Customization: Select from over 30 color themes, customize section titles and language, and choose qualifying/diagnostic questions per trade. Customize routing based on these questions.

  • Scheduler Workflows: Opt for different sequencing templates, including Standard, “Contact Info First,” and “Express” workflows, to optimize the booking experience and maximize conversions.

  • Abandoned Sessions: Capture incomplete booking sessions and send them to ServiceTitan for follow-up.

  • Rules: Set rules for tag, business unit, and technician assignment.

  • Marketing Controls: Pass through campaigns captured in the scheduler, set campaign rules, or enable Marketing Pro Ads integration for campaign assignments based on captured attribution data.

  • Phone Call Access: Include an “Emergency” button that allows customers to call your business directly from the scheduler, and create a custom number to track calls from the scheduler.

  • Media Upload and Additional Details: Allow customers to upload photos, videos, and documents with their booking, and provide additional details in a free text field to give your team all the information they need to complete the job.

  • Dispatch Fee and Terms of Service: Display a dispatch fee and/or a description of your fee policies, along with a Terms of Service message to set appointment expectations and minimize cancellations.

  • Confirmation Controls: Provide a “Next Steps” message after booking, display calendar links for the customer to use, and optionally redirect to a URL of your choosing post-booking.

  • Performance Metrics: Access high-level data on scheduler volume and export session data for analysis.

A Totally New Scheduling Pro Experience

With these innovative features, Scheduling Pro is set to revolutionize online booking for both you and your customers. We are confident that this new tool will transform your scheduling processes and improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Book a demo of the new Scheduling Pro today to discover how these features can be tailored to your business. Start booking jobs online and experience the future of scheduling!

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