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How to Streamline HVAC Service Agreements (With Free Template)

In today's day and age, a customer service agreement program is essential for HVAC companies. Without top-notch field management software to lean on, an effective program is awfully tough to implement. And for HVAC contractors looking to take the first step toward taking their customer service agreement membership program to the next level, our free PDF template is a great place to start.

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Top 23 HVAC YouTube Channels for Pros

Whether you’re a rookie HVAC tech trying to learn new tips and tricks of the trade or a seasoned professional simply in need of a visual refresher course, HVAC YouTube videos cover everything under the sun—from training and troubleshooting to installation and repair.

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Frank Gay Services Develops Customer Journey Map to Deliver 5-Star Commercial Service

Ian Goldberg has created a recipe for success in his role as president of the commercial division at Frank Gay Services, a Central Florida-based provider of commercial HVAC/R, plumbing, and electrical services. Creating a culture of ownership and accountability, he's ensured a white-glove customer service experience from start to finish.

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HVAC Work Van Organization Ideas to Improve Tech Efficiency

When your HVAC techs perform work out in the field, their company vehicle serves as their home base—making creative HVAC van setup ideas a crucial aspect of maximizing tech efficiency and organization. An HVAC work van or truck stores all of the tools and resources your team needs while on the job. It needs to be kept tidy to keep techs safe and productive, so they’re always ready for the next job.

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ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant Integration: Pricebook, Lead Generation + More

Elaine Rosenthal of Colony AC in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is excited about the new integration between ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant brands. She highlighted how the integration between the leading home and commercial services software and Carrier will help her team process rebates more efficiently.

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8 HVAC Safety Hazards to Avoid: A Technician's Guide to Safety Standards

Whether you run an HVAC business or are a field tech yourself, technician safety must be a central focus in your day-to-day operations to avoid dangerous and costly HVAC accidents. Danger lurks in some of the most unsuspecting places, and industry professionals should not only adhere to best HVAC servicing procedures, but stay vigilant for common hazards as well.

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How to Create an HVAC Sales Commission System That Works (and Is Actually Manageable) 

With ServiceTitan, HVAC contractors can ensure that their commissions are accurately tracked and calculated every time, and that their commission system is seamlessly integrated with their job bidding and payroll processes. ServiceTitan also helps HVAC shops save the time they spend on payroll by 10-40 hours per week. 

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7 Simple Steps for Better HVAC Recruiting

We’ve already explored the home services staffing crisis on this blog, including how it could impact HVAC staffing at heating and cooling companies across the country. Capable, reliable technicians are extremely valuable to HVAC businesses...

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7 HVAC Customer Service Secrets to Create Loyal Customers

Running a profitable heating and air conditioning business requires more than just trained technicians and powerful equipment—it demands outstanding HVAC customer service to create repeat customers.  In fact, 73 percent of customers report loyalty to a brand because of friendly customer service. While your field staff interacts with your customers in person, your HVAC tech support team provides customers with their first impressions of your company while making the appointments and answering questions. 


32 Essential HVAC Tools for Service Techs in 2020

Servicing HVAC or installing new air conditioning or heating systems for residential and commercial clients requires a skilled workforce with access to the right HVAC tools and equipment to get the job done. Some companies require HVAC techs to bring a few of their own tools to the job, while others provide the equipment needed to complete larger-ticket items. Here’s an HVAC tools list with 32 pieces of gear your service techs need in 2020 to provide the most professional customer experience.

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13 Best Ways to do HVAC Advertising & Get HVAC Leads in 2020

The technical side of operating an HVAC contracting company—installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into the industry and keeps you in business. But to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great HVAC ads. The only way to connect your top-notch team of technicians with potential customers is an effective HVAC advertising campaign. 

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How to Franchise Your HVAC Business: Cost, Strategy and More

It’s no secret that essential home services, especially indoor air quality, are in demand now more than ever. If you’ve met with success as you’ve grown your HVAC business, strategic expansion through an HVAC franchise might be the right move for you. At its most basic, franchising allows the sale of franchise rights of your company’s name and business model to independent investors, usually within a certain territory. Those who buy a franchise pay your company an initial fee, and then ongoing royalties.

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Why Most HVAC Software Compatible with QuickBooks Are Insufficient (And How Ours Works Differently)

Many of the HVAC business owners and office managers in our network use QuickBooks as their accounting system. And when they reach a certain size, they’ll often begin to look for an operational software tool to help run other areas of their business. In order to maintain the accounting system they’re already using, they’ll often look for a software that’s compatible with QuickBooks.

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HVAC Service Contract Fundamentals: 10 Benefits for HVAC Contractors and Customers

The HVAC maintenance contract drives more revenue for HVAC companies than any other aspect of business, according to the “HVAC Contractor Business Model” published by the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s Better Buildings Neighborhood Program. An HVAC service contract leads to revenue from annual maintenance visits, but the real value HVAC maintenance agreements provide comes from establishing repeat customers, and the repairs and replacements of HVAC units sold during those yearly or quarterly visits. 


The Essential HVAC Podcast List for Contractors

Make better use of your ‘windshield time’ by listening to these HVAC podcasts for tips and inspiration. Are you spending hours every day driving to your customers’ HVAC job sites? The time adds up, especially if your company operates in a more rural area or has a large service area. How do you fill the drive time?  For Angel Nava, every minute counts. He’s trying to grow a multi-million dollar HVAC business, so he listens to HVAC podcasts or HVAC audiobooks every chance he gets.

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What You Should Know Before Investing in HVAC Estimating Software

The industry experts on our team have noticed something you wouldn’t expect: when HVAC companies go out of business, it’s often right after they’ve had their busiest year ever. As crazy as that sounds, there’s usually a simple explanation: More often than not, these shops simply weren’t pricing their services correctly. 


18 Best HVAC Apps for Service Techs in 2020

As a modern-day HVAC tech, your job depends on your ability to reference the right information and resources when you’re assisting customers in the field. With the right HVAC service app, you can find vital information right at your fingertips with a tap on your smartphone.

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HVAC Insurance: What Every HVAC Business Owner Needs to Know

It takes a vast amount of work and oversight to grow a successful HVAC company, between understanding local contractor licensing laws to securing enough HVAC business insurance  coverage to mitigate risk and protect your investment. Whether you’re building an HVAC company from the ground up, expanding your services or searching for additional coverage, it’s fundamental as a business owner to find the right HVAC insurance policy to adequately cover any major losses. 

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How to Design a World-Class HVAC Sales Process

In our experience working with hundreds of HVAC contractors across the country, business owners and sales managers who are frustrated with their system replacement sales numbers tend to attribute their troubles to three main factors: Not having enough high-quality leads, a lack of consistent sales results from technicians in the field, competition from online HVAC sales and low-ball pricing from other contractors.


23 Top HVAC Blogs and HVAC Forums for Industry Professionals to Know

Just like today’s online shoppers, new HVAC professionals and seasoned veterans turn to the internet to find information about how to address these concerns. But, with so many sources for HVAC news online, how do you know who to trust? Below, we've compiled a quick reference directory of 23 HVAC news sites, forums and blogs for contractors who seek trusted insight, news, and analysis on this ever-changing industry. 

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HVAC Marketing: 16 Tips and Strategies that Make HVAC Companies Stand Out

Growing revenue with a successful HVAC marketing plan requires a different skill set than simply being good at tuning up a furnace, fixing a broken air conditioner or installing an indoor air quality system. In this Guide to HVAC Marketing, we took the guesswork out of the equation with 16 proven HVAC marketing tips to grow your business.

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10 Powerful Strategies For Generating HVAC Leads in 2020

Successful HVAC marketing depends on getting more HVAC leads to book more appointments, gain new customers and close more sales. More HVAC job leads equals better net profit. Becoming a top HVAC lead generator in today’s digital world requires getting to know your customers online and taking strategic steps to make your HVAC advertising stand out in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 


Selling IAQ? To educate HVAC customers, give technicians the right tools first

Indoor air quality has always been important, but the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has put increased focus on the topic. That, in turn, magnifies the importance of educating HVAC professionals on how to explain IAQ to customers, effectively and responsibly.  Resideo's Scott Harkins and Angie Snow, VP and co-owner of Western Heating and Air Conditioning, joined ServiceTitan for a webinar on selling indoor air quality (IAQ) during a global Coronavirus crisis.


Best HVAC Books: 17 Books to Master Your Trade in 2020

Doctors, lawyers, engineers—where do you think they learned the foundations of their trades? Yes, they spent a lot of time receiving expensive instruction from a college or university, but what were those lessons based upon? Textbooks. Textbooks are one of the most basic elements of learning. Since elementary school you’ve been exposed to them. They’ve helped you learn everything from fifth-grade social studies to high school trigonometry. And if they haven’t already, they’re sure to help you with your HVAC career.

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How to Grow an HVAC Business: The Step by Step Guide

HVAC service is essential to homes and businesses, in good times and bad. Your company keeps a vital mechanical system working properly to maintain comfortable air temperatures and improve indoor air quality, no matter the season. Your company’s HVAC service techs show up when customers need them—to fix a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave or come to the rescue on a cold, frigid night in a home without a heat source.


Expect these 13 HVAC Market Trends To Heat Up in 2020

This promised to be a year of change. Suffice it to say, 2020 over-delivered on that front thus far, as the HVAC industry outlook changes from day to day. Do you know what HVAC market trends your peers and industry insiders anticipate this year? Below, let’s take a look at 13 trends experts believe HVAC business owners and professionals need to prepare for in 2020.

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10 Essential HVAC Invoice Tips | Free Template

Running a profitable HVAC business requires carefully billing customers for the services, repairs and equipment your heating and air conditioning company provides. HVAC invoices fuel your company’s operations, often making the difference between net profit growth and scrambling to meet payroll each month. When presenting customers with an HVAC service invoice, do your techs take the time to educate them about their home’s heating and air conditioning systems? Or, do they simply do the A/C tune-up or furnace repair, bill the customer as they pull out of the driveway, and move on to the next job? 


ServiceTitan ‘Compass’ Guides HVAC Company Owner from $4.25 an Hour to $10 Million

Fermin Rivera admits he didn’t take working in the trades too seriously when he was 19, didn’t want to go to college and had no clue what to do with his life.  In the early 1990s, Rivera learned the HVAC trade through hands-on experience and on-the-job training with his uncle “up in the valley” of Sylmar, Calif., a northern neighbor to Los Angeles.  And he made the 1990s minimum wage.  “For me, $4.25 an hour was a lot more money than I had at the time,” Rivera says. “Later on, I moved to like seven bucks. I’m like, man, I’m loving it.”


‘From Dinosaur to Ferrari’: Making the Move to ServiceTitan Software

Jason Ellington knows air conditioning. He’s worked in the skilled trade for nearly 30 years, and knows how to fix most anything related to keeping his customers’ homes cool and comfortable. Learning to run his own HVAC business, on the other hand, required trial and error with different software solutions to find the most efficient workflow product. “It’s a problem many HVAC contractors experience as they transition from service technician to business owner,” says Ellington, President of Ellington Air Conditioning & Heat in Brevard County, Florida.

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HVAC Estimator Guide: The Secrets to Creating Quality Residential HVAC Estimates That Close

Explaining an HVAC job estimate and presenting homeowners with their various options — always working to maximize the upsell opportunity — requires a different kind of skill than repairing an air conditioner or installing a heat pump. Some HVAC service techs don’t excel at communication, which is why they prefer to work in a skilled trade where their hands and knowledge do the talking. “Good communicators are not always really good on the technical side, or it’s the opposite, and somebody really good at the technical stuff isn’t really good in communication,” says Nikolai Matveev, owner of Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air


ServiceTitan Sets Up Small Utah HVAC Company for Success

Angel Nava learned the air conditioning trade from the ground up, working as an installer and then a service technician for 10 years before deciding to launch his own company in 2014 as a one-man HVAC operation. He quickly discovered, however, that being his own boss didn’t necessarily translate into more profit for his business.

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5 Tips to Create an HVAC Pricebook Your Techs Will Understand

Homeowners today don’t fully comprehend how their home’s heating and cooling system works, and most don’t care to learn how an HVAC company sets its pricing, so they rely on your company’s HVAC technicians to be the experts and give them an honest estimate. 

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8 HVAC Technician Tips Every New Tech Needs to Know

Starting a new career is always nerve-wracking, but new home service technicians, in particular, face a myriad of challenges that would require anyone to be quick on their feet. But fear not because we’ve assembled the top eight HVAC tech tips you need to know before heading out into the field.

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5 Essential Tips to Help Your HVAC Website Break Through the Noise

Lead generation has undergone a rapid change in recent decades as potential customers increasingly utilize digital resources to find contractors for their HVAC needs. Traditional marketing tactics and word-of-mouth reputation is no longer enough to break through today’s ever-competitive marketplace.


Women in HVAC: How to Enter into and Succeed in the Trades

No matter what stage you are in your career, there is one universal truth that almost every woman in the workforce cannot seem to escape she stands out in a male-dominated industry

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5 Strategies to Write Effective HVAC Advertising Slogans

Finding the right slogan is an important step in deciding how to present your HVAC company to your local community. Slogans should offer a touch of humor, be inoffensive, and provide relevance to your area of expertise.

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Survey Results: How HVAC Companies Take On the Busy Season

How do HVAC companies take on summer, the busiest time of the year? Do they bring on more technicians or work overtime? Read on to find out.

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4 Ways to Improve Your On-Site HVAC Sales

It’s true that the main priority of any HVAC service technician is the service, installation and repair of heating and air systems, but in order to optimize and grow your business, these highly trained individuals need to take on double duty.

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