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How to Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews | The Contractors Guide

A robust online presence on Google and other search engines is key to customers finding your business when they need home services. Once they find you, there’s a good chance they’ll also check your online reviews and how you respond to them. The topic of online reviews elicits passionate responses among home services business owners, depending on who you ask. Love them or hate them, one thing is certain — reviews aren’t going away. 

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25 Best Irrigation Tools for Contractors

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of distributing the right amount of water to the right places at the right time to grow a perfectly lush landscape, customers can count on an irrigation contractor to dig deep—and bring the right irrigation tools to do the job. With most sprinkler irrigation systems buried underground, contractors who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial irrigation systems must also know how to design an efficient system and perform excavation work before installing one.

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The Pitfalls of Most Pest Control Software for QuickBooks (and How to Avoid Them)

ServiceTitan’s field service management software for pest control companies offers seamless integration with QuickBooks that is designed to grow with their business, using Sync-As-You-Go technology to become faster, more efficient, and more accurate over time.

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Best Landscaping Tools for 2020

Owning and operating a landscaping business means purchasing, renting or leasing the necessary landscaping tools to keep customers’ lawns looking immaculate. Landscape equipment and professional landscaping tools are absolute musts for your business, so it’s important to research specific items you’ll need to effectively provide your company’s landscaping services and grow a successful landscaping business.

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HVAC Work Van Organization Ideas to Improve Tech Efficiency

When your HVAC techs perform work out in the field, their company vehicle serves as their home base—making creative HVAC van setup ideas a crucial aspect of maximizing tech efficiency and organization. An HVAC work van or truck stores all of the tools and resources your team needs while on the job. It needs to be kept tidy to keep techs safe and productive, so they’re always ready for the next job.

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Best Lawn Care Equipment for Your Landscaping Business

Does transforming an overgrown, weed-filled yard into a nicely manicured lawn with perfectly mulched trees, flowers and plants make your high-performing landscape technicians bloom with pride? Help your techs deliver an awesome customer experience by using the best lawn equipment for a perfect mowing and mulching job every time. Here’s a lawn care equipment checklist with 23 lawn tools your landscaping techs need in 2020 to provide the most professional customer experience.

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How to Run a Successful Landscaping Business

Running a landscaping business means more than just mowing lawns, planting flower gardens, and trimming shrubs. Owners must also know how to manage a landscaping business with good communication skills, efficient work processes, and a clear accountability plan—much like a perfectly manicured lawn with no element out of place.

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Lowe’s Pro Desk vs. Home Depot Pro Desk | Comparison Guide for Contractors

If you find you spend more time at your neighborhood home improvement store than you spend at your own home, you’ll want to discover all of the perks that await you if you sign up for a Lowe’s Pro Desk or Home Depot Pro Desk account. To help you decide whether Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Pro desk services are right for your business or personal projects, review the benefits available and gauge what is vital to your bottom line and what falls into the category of “bells and whistles.”

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12 Top Plumber Advertising Strategies for Plumbing Lead Generation in 2020

The technical side of operating a plumbing company—installing, maintaining and repairing kitchens, baths and sewers lines in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into business, and keeps you in business. But to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great plumber marketing. The only way to connect your top-notch team of technicians with potential customers is an effective plumbing advertising campaign.

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13 Best Ways to do HVAC Advertising & Get HVAC Leads in 2020

The technical side of operating an HVAC contracting company—installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into the industry and keeps you in business. But to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great HVAC ads. The only way to connect your top-notch team of technicians with potential customers is an effective HVAC advertising campaign. 

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How to Franchise Your HVAC Business: Cost, Strategy and More

It’s no secret that essential home services, especially indoor air quality, are in demand now more than ever. If you’ve met with success as you’ve grown your HVAC business, strategic expansion through an HVAC franchise might be the right move for you. At its most basic, franchising allows the sale of franchise rights of your company’s name and business model to independent investors, usually within a certain territory. Those who buy a franchise pay your company an initial fee, and then ongoing royalties.

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Yelp For Business: Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Yelp For Your Company

If your company isn’t using a Yelp business account, then you’re not capitalizing on one of the most widely used platforms for promoting your company and generating new business.  Some business owners think of Yelp as simply a restaurant review site. While the platform is known for its sometimes snarky and over the top reviews of restaurants and other businesses, Yelp has more to offer than a soapbox for angry customers to address the displeasure they experienced over a botched Caesar salad. 

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Top Electrician Marketing Tips for 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Electrical Advertising

Creating a successful electrical contracting business plan takes skill, but probably not the kind of hands-on techniques you learned working on the job as a licensed electrician.  Instead, a good electrical business plan requires a combination of electrical industry knowledge and an electrician marketing mindset. You know your electrical contracting business inside and out, but is your electrical advertising strategy up to the task of growing your company’s net profits? 

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Plumbing Marketing Guide: 15 Tips and Strategies to Build Your Plumbing Business

Leaky faucets, clogged drains or broken water lines? No problem, your plumbing business handles it all. Next comes trying to increase net profits through plumber advertising, which requires a completely different plumber marketing skill set. Are you up to the task of plumbing company marketing? In today’s digital world where online shopping reigns supreme, plumbing companies must be masters of their trade as well as conquer plumbing advertising if they want to stand out in a competitive online marketplace for home services.

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HVAC Marketing: 16 Tips and Strategies that Make HVAC Companies Stand Out

Growing revenue with a successful HVAC marketing plan requires a different skill set than simply being good at tuning up a furnace, fixing a broken air conditioner or installing an indoor air quality system. In this Guide to HVAC Marketing, we took the guesswork out of the equation with 16 proven HVAC marketing tips to grow your business.

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In Electrical Estimating, Building Trust Is Key to Increased Sales

The electrical service call could be routine, with a residential customer wanting an electrical estimate for a common problem, such as meter service, a problem with a ceiling fan or a non-working outlet. It’s easy enough to send an electrician to fix only the reported problem. But is that the best way to decide how to price residential electrical work? It isn’t for Ron Lutwiller, chief operating officer at The Roby Family of Companies in Charlotte, N.C., because it ignores a key factor: safety. 

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HVAC Estimator Guide: The Secrets to Creating Quality Residential HVAC Estimates That Close

Explaining an HVAC job estimate and presenting homeowners with their various options — always working to maximize the upsell opportunity — requires a different kind of skill than repairing an air conditioner or installing a heat pump. Some HVAC service techs don’t excel at communication, which is why they prefer to work in a skilled trade where their hands and knowledge do the talking. “Good communicators are not always really good on the technical side, or it’s the opposite, and somebody really good at the technical stuff isn’t really good in communication,” says Nikolai Matveev, owner of Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air

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Plumbing Bidding Guide: How to Create Quality Plumbing Estimates for Residential Customers

Accurate residential plumbing estimates are the heartbeat of your business. Being able to fairly price your services and present the proposal to the customer can turn a higher percentage of leads into jobs. If you’ve estimated correctly, those proposals can also lead to more income, and more profit for your company. But handling those residential plumbing calls and estimating the cost for the consumer is complicated by a number of factors: The initial contact is almost always prompted by an active plumbing problem or plumbing emergency, which can result in costly repairs. Because there’s a problem, the customer is already likely to be frustrated or upset. The customer may not know how much professional plumbing services should cost.

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Create a Plumbing Pricebook Your Techs Can Understand

Plumbers are consistently in high demand. Nearly every plumbing job is an emergency and needs to be fixed right away, and most plumbing companies stay busy year-round with no downtime or slow season to clear their own drains. Help your trained plumbing technicians manage the demand overflow from customers out in the field by creating a plumbing pricebook guide they can easily understand.

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