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What You Need to Know about ServiceTitan’s Fall 2023 Release

October 4th, 2023
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It’s Release Week!

If you missed all the news from Pantheon — check out the product keynote video here if you did — the ServiceTitan team has been developing and refining key features across our platform. All of this leads to streamlining your operations and elevating experiences for your employees and your customers.

The Fall 2023 release for ServiceTitan is ready to rock, and this is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to make the most of these updates.

Here are our top highlights from the Fall release: 

  • TitanAdvisor: Save time and reduce effort with a customized training plan with features that best suit your business needs.

  • Leads Integration: Easily integrate a Book Online button on your Google Business Profile to enhance and streamline the online booking experience.

  • CRM: Exceed customer expectations with an enhanced interface when editing Contact Methods and other various fields.

  • Job Booking: Easier customization of your job booking experience, providing a modern experience and reducing effort.

  • Payroll & Timesheets: Optimized workflow to quickly review timesheet discrepancies and use GPS data to easily approve or reject timesheet edit recommendations.

  • Service Agreements: Maximize profits and efficiency on every contract with a complete end-to-end workflow.

Let’s get right to it! Here is a guide to all the resources you need to manage the Fall release:

Video content: The Blue Collar Nerd reviews all the highlights of the release in this video

Release Highlights One-Pager: The Top 6 features, at a glance. Download here.

YAWL (You Asked, We Listened): Within the Release Notes, we’ve noted all the features that we improved thanks to your feedback and guidance — starting with, well, this blog post, and all the updates to the release program overall.

Other YAWL highlights:

  • New Feature Configurations screen: This lets you browse and enable or disable features for your account in ServiceTitan. This helps you understand the features available in ServiceTitan and allows you to leverage those features for your business without having to contact technical support or customer success managers. 

  • Job booking enhancements make it easier for you to customize your job booking experience: These enhancements include:

    • When adding a custom Arrival Window for a job, you can now update the start and end times in 15 minute increments.. This makes it less cumbersome to update arrival windows. 

    • We’ve removed the account configuration necessary to show custom fields on the call screen. This allows you to choose if you want custom fields on the call screen and mark them required without needing to contact Technical Support.

  • Pricebook — New Categories field added to Proposal Templates: This field allows you to assign categories to proposal templates, so that technicians and office users can easily filter and find templates.

Check out all these highlights, marked with a fancy cowboy hat icon, in the release notes

And then finally, keep these resources handy as well:

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