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How Electrical Bidding Software Works (and How It Can Increase Your Bottom Line)

In this article, we’ll show precisely how a product like ServiceTitan’s electrical software can help business owners perfect their estimating system — one that guarantees that more work results in greater rewards.

Electrical, Business Tips

12 Expert Electrician Advertising Strategies for Electrical Businesses in 2020

The technical side of operating an electrical contracting company—like installing, maintaining and repairing power systems in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into business and keeps you in business. However, to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great electrical services advertising.


Top 30 Best Electrician Blogs For Industry Professionals

Homeowners and businesses rely on more electricity than ever. Both customers and the electricians who serve them must work at keeping up with new technologies, increased energy demands, and cost concerns related to updated regulations or new equipment as they safely and efficiently power their homes or offices. 


The Essential Electrician Podcast List for 2020

Are you ready to grow your electrical business, by working on it instead of in it? Have you spent years inspecting customers’ homes for electrical safety concerns, only to find yourself correcting sloppy electrical work performed by other contractors most of the time?  With electricians in such high demand, especially in light of the recent trade worker shortage, you may be thinking it’s time to start your own electrical business or expand the one you currently operate. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting an average 10 percent expected job growth over the next 10 years for electricians, now is a good time to do either.

Electrical, Business Tips

Electrician Insurance: What Every Electrical Business Owner Needs To Know

As an electrical contractor, you know it takes a lot of work and oversight to run a service business. Whether you’re starting a company from the ground up or expanding your services and looking for additional coverage, it’s key to find the right electrical contractors insurance to mitigate risk and provide financial protection. Electrician insurance is beneficial in other ways because it gives customers peace of mind knowing your company is financially backed in potential unforeseen events, such as an accident, property damage, or injuries related to the job.

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Top Electrician Marketing Tips for 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Electrical Advertising

Creating a successful electrical contracting business plan takes skill, but probably not the kind of hands-on techniques you learned working on the job as a licensed electrician.  Instead, a good electrical business plan requires a combination of electrical industry knowledge and an electrician marketing mindset. You know your electrical contracting business inside and out, but is your electrical advertising strategy up to the task of growing your company’s net profits? 

Electrical, Technician Tips

25 Essential Electrician Tools for 2020

Workers rely on tools for accuracy, resiliency, craftsmanship, comfort, and safety. This includes electricians who keep our homes illuminated, connected, and energy efficient. Below, we review the must-have electrical maintenance tools for the modern electrician's tool belt.

Electrical, Business Tips

How to Grow an Electrical Business in 2020 | The Ultimate Guide

Ready to power up your company’s electrical business plan? Grow your electrical business with these tips on hiring, marketing, and more from home service industry experts.Electricians provide an essential service, in good times and bad. Your company keeps electrical systems working properly in residential homes and commercial businesses, providing a reliable power source to maintain our jobs, health and general well-being.

Electrical, Business Tips

How to Get Electrical Leads in 2020 | 10 Marketing Solutions That Work

Electricians depend on electrical leads to book more appointments, gain new customers and close more sales. More electrical job leads equals better net profit. The best way to get electrical contractor jobs in today’s digital world is meeting your customers online, and taking strategic steps to make sure your electrical advertising stands out in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 


13 Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians in 2020

Electricians must often make lightning-fast technical decisions in the field to keep customers safe at home . Fortunately, a number of electrician service apps take advantage of that tiny computer in your pocket—your mobile phone—to make the process a little easier. We’ve compiled a must-have list of the 13 best apps for electricians. Use these electrical apps to improve your company’s efficiency in the field and the office.

Electrical, Business Tips

10 Essential Electrical Invoice Tips | Free Template

Electricians perform dangerous jobs every day, but always with a safety-first mentality to protect the homeowner and themselves. While highly skilled in the technical aspect of the job, the lights might flicker for some electrical technicians when it comes to knowing how to properly fill out an electrician invoice or price a job. Some service technicians are simply used to estimating prices on the fly, or writing their electrical invoices the old-fashioned way, using pen and paper. Give them an electrical problem to solve or a meter service to install, it’s no big deal. But show them an electrical contractor invoice template on a mobile tablet, and their confidence might fade.

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In Electrical Estimating, Building Trust Is Key to Increased Sales

The electrical service call could be routine, with a residential customer wanting an electrical estimate for a common problem, such as meter service, a problem with a ceiling fan or a non-working outlet. It’s easy enough to send an electrician to fix only the reported problem. But is that the best way to decide how to price residential electrical work? It isn’t for Ron Lutwiller, chief operating officer at The Roby Family of Companies in Charlotte, N.C., because it ignores a key factor: safety. 

Electrical, Business Tips

How to Create an Electrical Pricebook Your Techs Find Easy to Use

Your company’s trained electricians solve complicated residential power problems every day, and homeowners rely on each electrical service technician’s knowledge and expertise to do the job right the first time. If your techs know their trade well, but seem to short-circuit when trying to correctly estimate a customer’s job, it could be your electrical work price guide.

Electrical, Business Tips

Shockingly Effective Electrician Advertising Slogans for Your Business

Formulating great electrician advertising slogans can be tricky. You need to avoid offending or confusing customers, but also set yourself apart from the competition. It’s also something to be taken seriously. A great slogan can enhance brand recognition and authority, improve customer retention, and has even been shown to boost employee morale.

Electrical, Business Tips

Why Customer Service is the Key to Electrician Marketing

As the owner of a residential electrical company, mapping out your marketing plan can be a very stressful task for you to undertake. Companies in the trades and service industries play more of a support role in the grand scheme of things, so positioning your company with innovative new products to offer can be challenging.

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