Determining Which Service Business Marketing Campaigns Work

Andrew LoschertAugust 18th, 2015

In any service business, identifying a solid marketing campaign and integrating it into your current practices can feel like a risky endeavor. The degree of change that comes with adopting a new plan can add a considerable amount of stress to the situation and, at times, seem like it is hindering productivity rather than enhancing it. Also, without having an effective way to monitor the results of your campaigns, you are left wondering how you can improve them in the future.

So how do you gauge the effectiveness of the marketing plans you��ve implemented for your residential home service business? Operational software, such as ServiceTitan, can help you continuously track and measure your marketing initiatives, leaving no question as to whether or not a particular campaign achieved the intended goal.

Here are some important questions that SaaS can answer, allowing you to enhance the marketing efforts of your trade business:

  1. Has the plan allowed the company to be more recognized in the market? Operational software allows for greater transparency, and by being able to track the location of your incoming calls, you are able to know how effective your marketing has been in particular areas you are targeting. Once you have this information, you can tailor your initiatives to better reach your intended audience in areas that are struggling, and mimic your efforts in other areas that have seen success.
  1. What effect has the plan had on customer interaction? Consider the improvements you would like to see brought about by your marketing efforts. Are the plans you��ve enacted noticeable by your potential and current customers? Did they help you operate more efficiently and increase sales? These are very important questions that operational software can answer about your business, allowing you to know just how effective the plan has been. By tracking all incoming calls, you can monitor the dialog between your call takers and your customers and have a better feel of the marketing initiatives that led them to call.
  1. How has the marketing plan affected the bottom line? In the end, if a new marketing campaign doesn��t boost your sales and revenue, then the time, effort and financial investment you have put into it has virtually been wasted. ServiceTitan automatically identifies the particular marketing campaign that generates each incoming call to your business, and if you begin to see that the campaign is not going to bring about adequate returns, you are able to move on to other initiatives.

Integration of software, like ServiceTitan, allows you to see a snapshot of all aspects of your business ��� from overall marketing effectiveness and ROI to tracking incoming calls and geo-targeting. Interested in finding out more? Contact us today, or check out testimonials from our current customers.


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