Tiger Plumbing Increased Revenue 26% with ServiceTitan

Reggie PaquetteDecember 8th, 2016

Owner Jeff Gamblin was no stranger to digital solutions for his family-run, Collinsville, IL business, and when it came time to move from paper to cloud-based management software, ServiceTitan was the best choice because it’s a “complete solution not only for the office side but also the mobile side.”

Before turning to ServiceTitan, Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electrical Services was already using software solutions to cover some of their operations, but it wasn’t perfect.

“We were using paper invoices that technicians would carry around,” Jeff explains. “So they'd go to customer’s homes with their paper price book, paper invoices and all of their other paper materials. Basically, it was overwhelming for the technicians and as you can imagine the homeowner as well.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.47.04 PMMore than that, Tiger’s comprehensive service offerings meant that its price book continued to grow and change, which was difficult to do with a traditional paper price book.

“We knew we had to find a paperless solution because we were only going be adding more content to our price book and other materials were needed as well,” Jeff says. “For example, monthly flyers or homeowner rights and rescission paperwork and other items of that nature.”

Just over two years later, Tiger has not only grown in size and revenue, but they’ve been industry-recognized for the quality of work they provide. The company has been awarded the Angie's List Super Service Award and the North American Comfort Contractor of the Year Award since switching to ServiceTitan.

“I certainly don't think that we would have experienced the revenue growth that we have had since 2014 if we weren't with ServiceTitan,” Jeff says.

Training. Support. Resources. One of the key reasons why Jeff believes ServiceTitan has made such a big difference for his company is because of the available, ongoing support and resources available to him and his team. This is specifically useful, he says, for his technicians who use ServiceTitan Mobile to respond to new jobs, create invoices and present a variety of service options to customers with the dynamic Visual Pricebook feature.

Jeff makes sure that his technician team is ready to fully utilize ServiceTitan Mobile with:

  • Training media provided by ServiceTitan for every feature
  • ServiceTitan Academy resources
  • Weekly company training sessions with all technicians
  • Easy, 24/7 access to ServiceTitan’s support team and materials

According to Jeff, both rookie technicians and industry veterans have adopted and responded to ServiceTitan Mobile. “Even some of the late adopters that are not so tech-savvy, have really picked up and adapted to ServiceTitan,” he explains.

“I think our technicians appreciate ServiceTitan’s training tools becuase they're becoming more comfortable with the system and they feel like they do have a voice when it comes to ongoing training and support with ServiceTitan.”

group pictures2

From 20 to 37 Technicians Jeff and his company’s commitment to ensuring all technicians are ready to use ServiceTitan Mobile out in the field has paid off. Armed with the Visual Pricebook, Tiger’s team has been able to better showcase their services, products and even capitalize on upsells— allowing the company to hit that 26% revenue increase in its first year with ServiceTitan.

“ServiceTitan’s software makes it easier for our technicians to provide our customers with estimates and options, and they love having the ability to upload photos,” he explains. “The addition of videos within the Visual Pricebook has helped our technician’s present homeowner’s with details they may not know about a product.”

It wasn’t just ServiceTitan’s influence on technician performance that benefited Tiger either— its bookkeeping capabilities and robust financial tracking tools also contributed to the growth of the business.

“We are an extremely progressive company. We like to set our monthly, quarterly and weekly goals at the beginning of each year,” says Jeff. “Prior to implementing ServiceTitan, we were calculating all of those goals by hand and basically on an abacus. With ServiceTitan, we are able to measure our growth projections and know exactly where we're at and stay up to date.”

“Since, we are able to hit our benchmarks and goals from month-to-month and year-to-year, ServiceTitan naturally assists us in growing our technician base as well,” he adds.

How much has ServiceTitan been able to help grow the number of technicians at Tiger? In 2014, before switching to ServiceTitan, they had 20 technicians.

Now they have 37.

Group with logo

“We’d Be Ages Behind” Across the board, Jeff and his team have seen dramatic benefits from adopting ServiceTitan as their all-in-one paperless solution. The company’s growing fleet of trusted, prepared technicians continues to utilize the Visual Pricebook to improve customer service and maximize the value of each job. Back in the office, ServiceTitan has proven itself as “a major time-saver that has made our staff more productive.”

“We'd be ages behind from where we are currently without ServiceTitan,” says Jeff.

Jeff Gamblin and the whole team at Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electrical Services have embraced ServiceTitan’s capabilities both in and outside the office to become the award-winning home service business to watch in the greater St. Louis. Because of this, we’ve named them our Titan of the Month!

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