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Stay Plugged into Everything ServiceTitan with the All-New Community

User IconAngelica Navarro
Clock IconMay 4th, 2022
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ServiceTitan was designed with you, the contractor, in mind. And to use it successfully and maximize its powerful features, you need quick, easy access to information that helps you do that.

From help articles and Academy training to blog posts and the Blue Collar Nerd videos, there is no shortage of resources available to help you learn and get more out of ServiceTitan. If you’ve been using ServiceTitan for any length of time, it’s likely you’ve checked out at least one or two of them.

However, these resources historically haven’t been consolidated, which can be frustrating when you’re busy running your business and don’t have time to search for what you need. We know it’s critical for contractors to be confident they can get the knowledge and help they need—at the moment they need it. 

Introducing ServiceTitan Community

Get ready for some great news—Community, a ServiceTitan-moderated self and peer platform where you can gather and share knowledge with other ServiceTitan users, is finally here! Community builds on the one-stop-shop concept behind TitanCenter and adds even more functionality to help you communicate with your peers and ServiceTitan product teams. 

ServiceTitan Industry Advisor Vanessa Gonzalez is particularly excited for Community’s new support portal, which provides greater transparency by allowing you to create and manage support cases from start to finish. “This is not something you can do easily right now,” she says. “As a business owner, I want to know how well the software is working and this will be the first place I look. I will also be able to see how quickly we are being taken care of.”

In addition, Community features a wealth of information to help you leverage ServiceTitan and stay on top of the latest news and announcements. You can also participate in active conversation forums and pick the brains of fellow contractors to learn valuable tips and tricks. Best of all, you can access it directly from ServiceTitan.

Here’s a quick list of some of the exciting things you can do in Community: 

  • Engage With Peers - Learn and gain inspiration from ServiceTitan Certified Admins, power users, industry partners, and wildly successful contractors.

  • Quickly Find Relevant Content - Find answers faster with AI-recommended content and a single search experience across all Community forums and articles, blog posts, Knowledge Base, Academy, and much more.

  • Gain Industry Recognition - Gain recognition by sharing your product expertise among your peers, earn badges for engaging, and grow in your career by becoming a ServiceTitan Certified Administrator. 

  • Share Your Ideas - Funnel your big ideas and product feedback into one location where our internal teams can review them, and track their progress from consideration to roadmap.

  • Get a Streamlined Support Experience - Manage and track support cases and view your full case history in a new centralized Support portal, which also recommends the most relevant help content and routes inquiries to the most appropriate help specialists.

Making an Impact With Community

Community empowers you to make a significant impact in your customers’ lives as well as in the trades as a whole. By rapidly solving problems, learning from and with other contractors, and identifying opportunities to grow your business, you can achieve a higher degree of success.

The impact doesn’t stop there, however. You’ll also have the opportunity to help shape the future of ServiceTitan. 

VP of Customer Experience Tom Howard explains: “Community will allow customers to give direct feedback to product designers and managers. It will refine the development process to help deliver improvements that are what contractors need, when they need them. It helps make the contractor part of the design process.”

Ready to join the conversation and start sharing your expertise? Get started with Community by visiting 

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