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Top 15 Plumbing YouTube Channels for Industry Professionals

As a commercial and residential plumbing contractor, whether you’re an owner, manager or a solo everyday professional, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of things, keep abreast of trends, and learn new tips and tricks from fellow pros.You want to grow your plumbing business, market it well, and be aware of all the trends affecting the plumbing industry.

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Best Time Clock Apps For Small Business Employee Time Tracking

Finding a new time clock app or looking for the first time can feel a bit like a wild goose chase. There are a ton of options to choose from and once you think you’ve found the best one, another timecard app with more bells and whistles presents itself. After researching the best time card app choices for small businesses, one thing is very clear, there is a seemingly never ending list of options. 

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Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors | How to Build Effective Campaigns

Home services businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on capturing an audience that’s more mobile than ever. Email, video, social media, and online search ads all present new opportunities for businesses to reach customers. You might be surprised to learn that direct mail marketing, which precedes digital channels, can actually increase your chances of getting in front of customers. In some cases, it’s more effective than many digital marketing methods. 

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12 Plumbing Technology Trends to Know for 2020

As a plumbing company, you want to offer your customers the best products and services to keep their plumbing systems running safely and efficiently. That means being in the know about new plumbing technology trends to better guide today’s tech-savvy residential and commercial clients. Smart home (and business) devices, including smart plumbing products, continue to rise in popularity

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How to Streamline HVAC Service Agreements (With Free Template)

In today's day and age, a customer service agreement program is essential for HVAC companies. Without top-notch field management software to lean on, an effective program is awfully tough to implement. And for HVAC contractors looking to take the first step toward taking their customer service agreement membership program to the next level, our free PDF template is a great place to start.

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How to Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews | The Contractors Guide

A robust online presence on Google and other search engines is key to customers finding your business when they need home services. Once they find you, there’s a good chance they’ll also check your online reviews and how you respond to them. The topic of online reviews elicits passionate responses among home services business owners, depending on who you ask. Love them or hate them, one thing is certain — reviews aren’t going away. 

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Best Water Treatment Equipment to Service the Modern Homeowner

Operating a water treatment company means customers depend on you to provide clean water for their homes and businesses. To provide that essential service, water treatment providers must use the proper water treatment equipment to not only create a reliable drinking water supply, but also help customers maintain their appliances and other water-powered mechanical systems. 

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The Best Pest Control Equipment to Combat Critters and Build Your Business

Every pest infestation your technicians fail to prevent or must return to re-treat costs your company time and money, so it’s imperative you invest in the most innovative and effective pest control equipment available today. The best tools also improve your team’s efficiency and show customers you run a modern pest control company that stays updated on industry innovations. 

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Top 23 HVAC YouTube Channels for Pros

Whether you’re a rookie HVAC tech trying to learn new tips and tricks of the trade or a seasoned professional simply in need of a visual refresher course, HVAC YouTube videos cover everything under the sun—from training and troubleshooting to installation and repair.

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Top 19 Pest Control Apps to Zap the Competition and Grow Your Business

Operating your own pest control business probably means you’re busy protecting customers from rats, mice, termites, roaches, and other pesky critters every day, leaving little time to focus on the administrative side of your business. Apps for pest control can save your service crews valuable sweat equity with tools to tackle practical needs, such as a pest identifier app or pesticide record-keeping app.

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Frank Gay Services Develops Customer Journey Map to Deliver 5-Star Commercial Service

Ian Goldberg has created a recipe for success in his role as president of the commercial division at Frank Gay Services, a Central Florida-based provider of commercial HVAC/R, plumbing, and electrical services. Creating a culture of ownership and accountability, he's ensured a white-glove customer service experience from start to finish.

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How to Schedule Service Calls

Whether you're a home service shop that offers emergency services or exclusively provides scheduled service to homeowners, how you schedule your team has a huge effect on how efficient and profitable your business is. Nearly every field service professional has a story about losing a day's productivity due to some scheduling mistake... and the urgent game of catch-up they had to play to get their bottom line back on track.

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25 Best Irrigation Tools for Contractors

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of distributing the right amount of water to the right places at the right time to grow a perfectly lush landscape, customers can count on an irrigation contractor to dig deep—and bring the right irrigation tools to do the job. With most sprinkler irrigation systems buried underground, contractors who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial irrigation systems must also know how to design an efficient system and perform excavation work before installing one.

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Best Landscaping Tools for 2020

Owning and operating a landscaping business means purchasing, renting or leasing the necessary landscaping tools to keep customers’ lawns looking immaculate. Landscape equipment and professional landscaping tools are absolute musts for your business, so it’s important to research specific items you’ll need to effectively provide your company’s landscaping services and grow a successful landscaping business.

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7 Tips to Grow a Septic Tank Business

When it comes to dirty—but necessary—jobs, running a septic tank business ranks near the top. Septic tank contractors not only require expertise in septic tank mechanics and the proper equipment to do the job, they also need good communication skills, efficient workflows, and a good tracking system for measuring specific field service metrics.

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How Plumbing Estimating Software Improves Bidding and Facilitates Faster Growth

Looking for plumbing estimating software? Take an in-depth look at how ServiceTitan is a better field service management solution to automate processes, streamline and improve bidding, and jumpstart business growth — while keeping your teams organized and on the same page.

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How to Manage a Service Business in 2020 | 8 Tips from Experts

When you manage a service business, achieving company goals often entails overcoming significant challenges and uncertainties because of marketplace changes or other unforeseen circumstances. ServiceTitan helps business owners, tradespeople, and contractors face those challenges with confidence and capabilities that rival any other tech-enabled business in today’s market.

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ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant Integration: Pricebook, Lead Generation + More

Elaine Rosenthal of Colony AC in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is excited about the new integration between ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant brands. She highlighted how the integration between the leading home and commercial services software and Carrier will help her team process rebates more efficiently.

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Introducing the All New Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Have you ever felt like marketing your field services business is like playing a guessing game? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone — it’s something many marketers often struggle with. Nonetheless, it’s important to know how your marketing campaigns and overall channels are performing so you can measure your return on investment (ROI) and help you make better marketing decisions. But trying to make sense of marketing analytics isn’t always easy. It can be overwhelming to parse through lots of data and find the information you need.

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Best Lawn Care Equipment for Your Landscaping Business

Does transforming an overgrown, weed-filled yard into a nicely manicured lawn with perfectly mulched trees, flowers and plants make your high-performing landscape technicians bloom with pride? Help your techs deliver an awesome customer experience by using the best lawn equipment for a perfect mowing and mulching job every time. Here’s a lawn care equipment checklist with 23 lawn tools your landscaping techs need in 2020 to provide the most professional customer experience.

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A Plumbing Sales Training System That Increases Your Average Ticket Prices

One of the most common concerns we hear from plumbing contractors is that their average ticket prices are lower than they’d like them to be. Some plumbing business owners are leveraging sales training programs to help their techs improve at sales.

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How to Run a Successful Landscaping Business

Running a landscaping business means more than just mowing lawns, planting flower gardens, and trimming shrubs. Owners must also know how to manage a landscaping business with good communication skills, efficient work processes, and a clear accountability plan—much like a perfectly manicured lawn with no element out of place.

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How Electrical Bidding Software Works (and How It Can Increase Your Bottom Line)

In this article, we’ll show precisely how a product like ServiceTitan’s electrical software can help business owners perfect their estimating system — one that guarantees that more work results in greater rewards.

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Landscaping Scheduling Software: Streamline Services and Optimize Tech Routes

In this article, we discuss the specific pain points landscaping companies experience and we dive into detail about how ServiceTitan’s landscaping business software helps to streamline scheduling.

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Housecall Pro vs Jobber vs ServiceTitan: Breaking Down Strengths and Weaknesses of Each

People often ask us what the differences are between ServiceTitan and our competitors Housecall Pro and Jobber. The typical context in which they come to us is when they’ve reached a point where managing all of the moving pieces of their business has become arduous and they begin looking for a technology solution to support their many operational necessities.

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These Technician Bio Tips Help You Introduce Your Technician Before They Even Arrive

Creating professional biographies for your home and commercial services company technicians and delivering them to customers before the tech even arrives can ease concerns and provide a better customer experience.  But what are the best practices for producing those technician bios?

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23 Best Septic Tank Tools for 2020

Inspecting, maintaining, or installing septic systems requires the right septic tools to keep customers’ home waste systems clean and in good working order. Septic tank service providers must also protect themselves from various health hazards, such as infectious diseases, dangerous gases, and electrical shock.  

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How to Grow a Pool Service Business

Ready to dive into better net profits by growing your pool service business? If it feels like you’re only skimming the surface when it comes to realizing your company’s true profit potential, it’s time to test the waters to see whether you’re capitalizing on every opportunity. No matter the season, opportunities abound for pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and complete pool service—for both residential and commercial customers.

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Pest Control Marketing Tips: 10 Strategies to Grow Your Pest Control Business

In today’s home services market, pest control companies must set themselves apart from the competition, and strategic pest control marketing is a proven way to gain a competitive edge. This year, the U.S. pest control industry will reach an estimated market value of $16.74 billion, and is expected to grow because of an increasing urban population and climate changes, according to recent market and consumer data.

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Top 20 Lawn Care Business Apps in 2020

With so many lawn care business apps and landscaping apps available for your smartphone and tablets, it has never been easier as the owner of a lawn care company to work smarter rather than harder. Lawn care apps can save your service team some sweat equity by providing tools to help tackle practical tasks such as landscape design planning and lawn maintenance scheduling. They’re sure to trim the hours you spend sweating administrative tasks such as payroll and GPS-based dispatching. 

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How to Create an HVAC Sales Commission System That Works (and Is Actually Manageable) 

With ServiceTitan, HVAC contractors can ensure that their commissions are accurately tracked and calculated every time, and that their commission system is seamlessly integrated with their job bidding and payroll processes. ServiceTitan also helps HVAC shops save the time they spend on payroll by 10-40 hours per week. 

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How to Profit From Maintenance Contracts | The Ultimate Guide

Home maintenance contracts, often sold as service agreements or club memberships, generate guaranteed, recurring revenue for home service businesses. Maintenance agreements also provide homeowners with the peace of mind your company will show up if something breaks and maintain their equipment to prevent major problems. 

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How to Sell Franchise Rights To Your Plumbing Business

It’s no secret essential home services are in demand now more than ever. If you’ve met with success as you’ve grown your plumbing business, strategic expansion through a plumbing franchise may be the right move for you. At its most basic, franchising allows the sale of franchise rights of your company’s name and business model to independent investors, usually within a certain territory. Those who buy a franchise pay your company an initial fee, and then ongoing royalties.

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7 Simple Steps for Better HVAC Recruiting

We’ve already explored the home services staffing crisis on this blog, including how it could impact HVAC staffing at heating and cooling companies across the country. Capable, reliable technicians are extremely valuable to HVAC businesses...

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7 HVAC Customer Service Secrets to Create Loyal Customers

Running a profitable heating and air conditioning business requires more than just trained technicians and powerful equipment—it demands outstanding HVAC customer service to create repeat customers.  In fact, 73 percent of customers report loyalty to a brand because of friendly customer service. While your field staff interacts with your customers in person, your HVAC tech support team provides customers with their first impressions of your company while making the appointments and answering questions. 

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ServiceTitan Begins Data Journey With Essential Property Information At Your Fingertips

Property data can increase sales by making home services companies better at marketing, more efficient in dispatching and better able to predict business trends in real time. An integration of that data on the ServiceTitan booking and dispatch screens and on mobile will make all that easier. 

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10 Essential Field Service Power Metrics You Need to Monitor in 2020

You know it’s important. You know you should be using it to make critical business decisions. You know that it could be key in growing your home services company (because it is). But not all data is created equal. Some numbers are vital to the health of your business--but others are just in the way or, even worse, misleading.

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How to Choose the Field Service Software That’s Right for Your Company

It’s difficult, of course, to predict what your business is going to need as it grows. It’s hard to see the future. That’s why we often suggest that contractors identify a company or two that look like what they envision for their own business and try to pay them a visit.  By seeing first-hand the kind of functionality they’ll need if all goes according to plan, they almost always grasp the key elements they should be looking for in a field service management software, which are much the same we’ve outlined in this article.

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Lowe’s Pro Desk vs. Home Depot Pro Desk | Comparison Guide for Contractors

If you find you spend more time at your neighborhood home improvement store than you spend at your own home, you’ll want to discover all of the perks that await you if you sign up for a Lowe’s Pro Desk or Home Depot Pro Desk account. To help you decide whether Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Pro desk services are right for your business or personal projects, review the benefits available and gauge what is vital to your bottom line and what falls into the category of “bells and whistles.”

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HVAC Slow Season: 5 Tips to Keep Revenue Flowing Year-Round

Workers in a seasonal industry such as heating and air conditioning experience ebbs and flows throughout the year, but the slowest time of year for HVAC typically occurs in the fall (and again in the spring) when homeowners tend to give their home heating or cooling systems a break.  While service calls may dip during these times, that doesn’t mean your HVAC company should take a hiatus until business picks back up.

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13 Best Ways to do HVAC Advertising & Get HVAC Leads in 2020

The technical side of operating an HVAC contracting company—installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into the industry and keeps you in business. But to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great HVAC ads. The only way to connect your top-notch team of technicians with potential customers is an effective HVAC advertising campaign. 

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How to Franchise Your HVAC Business: Cost, Strategy and More

It’s no secret that essential home services, especially indoor air quality, are in demand now more than ever. If you’ve met with success as you’ve grown your HVAC business, strategic expansion through an HVAC franchise might be the right move for you. At its most basic, franchising allows the sale of franchise rights of your company’s name and business model to independent investors, usually within a certain territory. Those who buy a franchise pay your company an initial fee, and then ongoing royalties.

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6 Tips for Making Sure your Dispatchers Keep your Techs’ Schedules Moving

Your company’s dispatcher serves a vital role when it comes to keeping your techs performing at a high level and delivering awesome customer service on every call. A strong dispatcher knows the exact location and specific skill level of each tech, and how to get the right person to the right customer at the right time. Dispatching for field service management requires discipline, leadership, and effective communication skills. Schedule success for your company with these 6 tips for smooth and efficient dispatching.

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Yelp For Business: Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Yelp For Your Company

If your company isn’t using a Yelp business account, then you’re not capitalizing on one of the most widely used platforms for promoting your company and generating new business.  Some business owners think of Yelp as simply a restaurant review site. While the platform is known for its sometimes snarky and over the top reviews of restaurants and other businesses, Yelp has more to offer than a soapbox for angry customers to address the displeasure they experienced over a botched Caesar salad. 

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6 Auto Reply Message Tips and Examples to Boost Your Customer Service Experience

When potential customers reach out to your home services company, they are likely short on time and need help quickly. Automatic reply messages can fill the gap, allowing your company to give quick responses and, if used properly, build better customer service. Automatic response technology can manage incoming requests or messages sent to your company through email, text, messaging apps or online chat, and allow your customer service to operate 24/7. 

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HVAC Service Contract Fundamentals: 10 Benefits for HVAC Contractors and Customers

The HVAC maintenance contract drives more revenue for HVAC companies than any other aspect of business, according to the “HVAC Contractor Business Model” published by the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s Better Buildings Neighborhood Program. An HVAC service contract leads to revenue from annual maintenance visits, but the real value HVAC maintenance agreements provide comes from establishing repeat customers, and the repairs and replacements of HVAC units sold during those yearly or quarterly visits. 

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12 Expert Electrician Advertising Strategies for Electrical Businesses in 2020

The technical side of operating an electrical contracting company—like installing, maintaining and repairing power systems in homes and businesses—is your primary skill set. That expertise got you into business and keeps you in business. However, to efficiently run a business and let the community know about your expertise, marketing managers also need to know the keys to great electrical services advertising.

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Plumbing Pricing Guide: How to Price Plumbing Jobs for Maximum Profitability 

Like most business owners, plumbing contractors tend to assume that the more work they get, the more money they’re going to make. Unfortunately for plumbers, the opposite is frequently true. Having completed their busiest year ever, the owners of plumbing companies all too often discover that rather than sitting in the catbird seat—where they ought to be—they find they’re actually looking at a huge loss. 

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Flat Rate vs. Hourly Pricing for Contractors

When debating hourly vs. flat-rate pricing, contractors in the skilled trades make strong arguments for and against both options. Some believe time and material pricing represents the most transparent way to charge customers, whereas others think a flat-rate fee provides the best value for your services.

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Plumbing Insurance: What Every Plumbing Business Owner Needs To Know

It takes a lot of work and oversight to run a plumbing business. Whether you’re starting a company from the ground up or expanding your services and looking for additional coverage, it’s key to find the right plumbing insurance to mitigate risk and provide financial protection. Plumber insurance is beneficial in other ways, too, as it gives customers assurance your company is financially backed in potential unforeseen events, such as an accident, property damage, or injuries related to the job.

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What You Should Know Before Investing in HVAC Estimating Software

The industry experts on our team have noticed something you wouldn’t expect: when HVAC companies go out of business, it’s often right after they’ve had their busiest year ever. As crazy as that sounds, there’s usually a simple explanation: More often than not, these shops simply weren’t pricing their services correctly. 

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Electrician Insurance: What Every Electrical Business Owner Needs To Know

As an electrical contractor, you know it takes a lot of work and oversight to run a service business. Whether you’re starting a company from the ground up or expanding your services and looking for additional coverage, it’s key to find the right electrical contractors insurance to mitigate risk and provide financial protection. Electrician insurance is beneficial in other ways because it gives customers peace of mind knowing your company is financially backed in potential unforeseen events, such as an accident, property damage, or injuries related to the job.

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HVAC Insurance: What Every HVAC Business Owner Needs to Know

It takes a vast amount of work and oversight to grow a successful HVAC company, between understanding local contractor licensing laws to securing enough HVAC business insurance  coverage to mitigate risk and protect your investment. Whether you’re building an HVAC company from the ground up, expanding your services or searching for additional coverage, it’s fundamental as a business owner to find the right HVAC insurance policy to adequately cover any major losses. 

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7 Essential Steps for Annually Setting Field Service Technician Goals

Each year, company owners deliver a service technician performance review to assess each employee’s skills, contributions and value to the company. It’s a good time to discuss ways to improve job performance by setting smart goals for maintenance technicians. Successful business owners tend to employ technicians who can fix or install anything, but who also care about maximizing the company’s profit and their personal income. While finding a service tech who excels at both can be difficult, it’s always possible to train your techs to reach higher.

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How To Jumpstart Your Advertising With Google’s Local Services Ads 

Focusing a portion of your company’s marketing budget on Google Local Services Ads increases brand awareness and helps you build and showcase an excellent online reputation. They put your company front and center when potential customers search for services like yours.

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How to Choose the Best Tech Tool Bag

All contractors in the skilled trades, from plumbers and electricians to HVAC and garage door technicians, know which tools they need to do their jobs well. But when it comes to carrying those tools from job to job, some don’t use the best tech tool bag to prevent possible injury. According to OSHA, back and shoulder injuries from lifting heavy loads account for more than 36 percent of days missed from work in service industries. 

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How to Design a World-Class HVAC Sales Process

In our experience working with hundreds of HVAC contractors across the country, business owners and sales managers who are frustrated with their system replacement sales numbers tend to attribute their troubles to three main factors: Not having enough high-quality leads, a lack of consistent sales results from technicians in the field, competition from online HVAC sales and low-ball pricing from other contractors.

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8 Expert Tips For Creating the Best Plumbing Websites

When customers need a plumber, they usually need one quick—and the best websites for plumbers offer what potential customers need, right at their fingertips. Does your plumbing website include the best features to generate new online leads? We talked with experts in plumbing and essential home services to find dynamic examples of the best plumbing websites and how key features can translate into revenue for your company.

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57 Thumbtack Competitors: Alternative Apps and Websites

Any entrepreneur will tell you businesses don’t just grow themselves. It takes hard work, quality service, a good reputation, and visibility. If your potential clients can’t find you, it’s going to be difficult to expand your business. Many in home and commercial services seek that increased visibility through Thumbtack. What is Thumbtack? It’s an app that is one of the biggest players in a changing technological landscape made up of a blend of apps, web pages, local directories, and review sites. 

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10 Powerful Strategies For Generating HVAC Leads in 2020

Successful HVAC marketing depends on getting more HVAC leads to book more appointments, gain new customers and close more sales. More HVAC job leads equals better net profit. Becoming a top HVAC lead generator in today’s digital world requires getting to know your customers online and taking strategic steps to make your HVAC advertising stand out in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 

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What is HomeAdvisor? Competitors, Cost, How it Works for Lead Generation

When it comes to marketing your home services company online, many contractors turn to  HomeAdvisor to generate leads for new customers. As the industry leader in the online marketplace, HomeAdvisor opens a door for contractors to grow their brand. Sites such as HomeAdvisor help homeowners find your home services company when they need a plumber, HVAC tech or electrician, often marketing their services as a free, easy and convenient way for busy people to find a contractor. 

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How to Grow a Plumbing Business in 2020, The Ultimate Guide

Learn plumbing business tips, plumbing marketing ideas, and everything in-between from industry experts who built their own multimillion-dollar home service companies. Plumbers provide an essential service, in good times and bad. Your plumbing company keeps a vital mechanical system working properly in homes and businesses, providing access to clean and running water to maintain public health and general well-being. 

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10 Proven Strategies to Get More Plumbing Leads in 2020

Plumbers depend on plumbing leads to book more appointments, gain new customers and close more sales. More plumbing job leads equals better net profit. Finding the best way to get plumbing leads in today’s digital world means meeting your customers online and taking strategic steps to make sure your plumbing brand stands out in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 

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How to Grow an Electrical Business in 2020 | The Ultimate Guide

Ready to power up your company’s electrical business plan? Grow your electrical business with these tips on hiring, marketing, and more from home service industry experts.Electricians provide an essential service, in good times and bad. Your company keeps electrical systems working properly in residential homes and commercial businesses, providing a reliable power source to maintain our jobs, health and general well-being.

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How to Get Electrical Leads in 2020 | 10 Marketing Solutions That Work

Electricians depend on electrical leads to book more appointments, gain new customers and close more sales. More electrical job leads equals better net profit. The best way to get electrical contractor jobs in today’s digital world is meeting your customers online, and taking strategic steps to make sure your electrical advertising stands out in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. 

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12 Taskrabbit Competitors: App Alternatives for Handymen

Starting a business is hard. Starting a home services business is even harder. Success in this space is dependent on a strong reputation built on a foundation of trust, technicians who are both great at what they do and good with customers, and a series of sound financial decisions.

HVAC, Business Tips

How to Grow an HVAC Business: The Step by Step Guide

HVAC service is essential to homes and businesses, in good times and bad. Your company keeps a vital mechanical system working properly to maintain comfortable air temperatures and improve indoor air quality, no matter the season. Your company’s HVAC service techs show up when customers need them—to fix a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave or come to the rescue on a cold, frigid night in a home without a heat source.

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Best Rugged Tablets for Your Field Service Company? Check Out Our Picks.

You’ve probably also noticed more and more brick-and-mortar stores arming their sales associates with smartphones and tablets  to assist customers. And for good reason. Modern consumers want a seamless sales experience that educates them about their purchase.  In fact, 87 percent want brands to provide a seamless experience. What’s more, 69 percent of consumers prefer sales associates to have a smart device, like a tablet or smartphone, to teach them about what they’re buying and check availability.

Business Tips

8 Ways To Make Communication With a Remote Workforce More Productive

Jeff Seale runs family-owned Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air Services in Glendora, Calif., near Los Angeles, as a wholly remote operation. In business since 2005 and having grown to 17 employees, the home services company has always been that way. The communications tactics and best practices he has learned over 15 years could help other home services companies not as familiar with having employees work from home.

Business Tips

8 Keys for Writing Email Subject Lines that Actually Work

Email is an extremely useful tool you can leverage to communicate and engage your customers. But you might be wondering how to stand out from the crowd in their inbox.  To get your emails opened more often, you need strong email subject lines that are both relevant to your message and attention-grabbing. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these easy tips for writing email subject lines that actually work.

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10 Essential Electrical Invoice Tips | Free Template

Electricians perform dangerous jobs every day, but always with a safety-first mentality to protect the homeowner and themselves. While highly skilled in the technical aspect of the job, the lights might flicker for some electrical technicians when it comes to knowing how to properly fill out an electrician invoice or price a job. Some service technicians are simply used to estimating prices on the fly, or writing their electrical invoices the old-fashioned way, using pen and paper. Give them an electrical problem to solve or a meter service to install, it’s no big deal. But show them an electrical contractor invoice template on a mobile tablet, and their confidence might fade.

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10 Essential HVAC Invoice Tips | Free Template

Running a profitable HVAC business requires carefully billing customers for the services, repairs and equipment your heating and air conditioning company provides. HVAC invoices fuel your company’s operations, often making the difference between net profit growth and scrambling to meet payroll each month. When presenting customers with an HVAC service invoice, do your techs take the time to educate them about their home’s heating and air conditioning systems? Or, do they simply do the A/C tune-up or furnace repair, bill the customer as they pull out of the driveway, and move on to the next job? 

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10 Essential Plumbing Invoice Tips | Free Template

Are lost or missing invoices clogging up your plumbing company’s cash flow? Do you spend too much time each month chasing down this plumbing receipt or that plumbing invoice, only to find payments still don’t add up? We know it happens. Plumbing techs lose invoices, especially when they’re still carrying around a clipboard and crafting a customer’s plumbing bill with pen and paper. Some techs may find your plumbing invoice template too complicated and choose to do their own thing. As the owner, you’re trying to run a business and turn a profit, so every plumbing service invoice matters. 

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Megan Bedford: Email Marketing Critical to Driving Home Services Leads in 2020

Megan Bedford is a believer in targeted email marketing for the home services industry.  Through her company, Mugyver Consulting, Bedford acts as a defacto chief marketing officer for smaller companies in the trades. In a February webinar for ServiceTitan, she offered tips on running an effective, automated, targeted email marketing campaign for your home services business. How important is a targeted email program? Beford told participants in the webinar that companies that haven’t launched a program should make it a top priority in 2020. 

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‘Blue Collar Nerd’ Builds Understanding Between Home Services Companies and ServiceTitan

Richard Kohberger, operations manager at Comfort Control, Inc., in Buford, Ga., and YouTube’s Blue Collar Nerd, says life is harder when we don’t understand each other. 

Business Tips

How to Ask Customers for Reviews and Improve Your Company’s Online Rankings

How do potential customers find your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company when their furnace sputters out in the middle of the night or when their toilet springs a leak right before a big party? Customers aren't checking the phone book or asking a neighbor for recommendations for a local home service provider. They're reading online reviews.

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How to Create an Electrical Pricebook Your Techs Find Easy to Use

Your company’s trained electricians solve complicated residential power problems every day, and homeowners rely on each electrical service technician’s knowledge and expertise to do the job right the first time. If your techs know their trade well, but seem to short-circuit when trying to correctly estimate a customer’s job, it could be your electrical work price guide.

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5 Tips to Create an HVAC Pricebook Your Techs Will Understand

Homeowners today don’t fully comprehend how their home’s heating and cooling system works, and most don’t care to learn how an HVAC company sets its pricing, so they rely on your company’s HVAC technicians to be the experts and give them an honest estimate. 

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3 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent: How Your Company’s Culture Impacts Bottom Line

While cleaning boilers at his first HVAC job during high school, Tom Howard kept a mental list of his bosses’ blunders and swore he wouldn’t make those same management mistakes when he started his own business someday.

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5 Essential Tips to Help Your HVAC Website Break Through the Noise

Lead generation has undergone a rapid change in recent decades as potential customers increasingly utilize digital resources to find contractors for their HVAC needs. Traditional marketing tactics and word-of-mouth reputation is no longer enough to break through today’s ever-competitive marketplace.

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8 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Service Businesses

Email marketing is a key component of a solid marketing strategy for service businesses. Not only does it help build awareness with prospects, but it keeps your company top of mind with the customers you already have. If email marketing is not yet a part of your digital strategy, it may be time to revisit your marketing plans.

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How to Beat Lower-Priced Competitors

It’s a question service businesses dread getting but almost always, inevitably, have to answer. Whether you run an HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or another type of home service shop, you are unlikely to be the only company in your zip code vying for homeowners’ attention.

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6 Financing Mistakes Service Business Owners Must Avoid

With small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) struggling to reduce operating costs and plan for unforeseen expenses, American entrepreneurs including countless home service business owners are already starting off at a disadvantage.

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What Is Dispatch Software and How Does It Work?

Home service businesses handle a lot of communications on a daily basis—and how your shop handles those calls can make or break your customers’ experience. In the US, [82% of customers said they stopped doing business]( with a company because of poor customer service. Long hold times, delays in service, and late technicians all constitute poor customer care practices.

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5 Ways to Write Effective Plumbing Advertising Slogans

The right slogan can do a lot for a small or medium-sized business. It can distinguish it from the competition. Get stuck in public's head. Or even make new customers laugh.

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Shockingly Effective Electrician Advertising Slogans for Your Business

Formulating great electrician advertising slogans can be tricky. You need to avoid offending or confusing customers, but also set yourself apart from the competition. It’s also something to be taken seriously. A great slogan can enhance brand recognition and authority, improve customer retention, and has even been shown to boost employee morale.

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5 Strategies to Write Effective HVAC Advertising Slogans

Finding the right slogan is an important step in deciding how to present your HVAC company to your local community. Slogans should offer a touch of humor, be inoffensive, and provide relevance to your area of expertise.

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7 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips to Share with Customers

If you’re a professional plumber, then you already know that Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is [the busiest day]( for residential plumbing companies. It’s easy to see why: Thanksgiving means that many families are experiencing bustling activities in their kitchens and visiting guests usually means there’s a greater demand on our bathrooms, as well.

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6 Emerging Field Service Trends to Look For Now and In 2020

To make sure you're competing well for the attention of your prospective and previous customers, it's important to stay on top of the most recent and up-and-coming field service trends. In some cases, these impact how you will provide field, home or local services to your customers, but generally, these deal with how your company connects you to those customers, when they first meet your brand and after service is completed.

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Field Service Management | 2020 Ultimate Guide Edition

FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT (FSM) refers to the management of company resources for businesses that service clients on their own property rather than company property.

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What Is Dispatch Management for Home Service Businesses?

Your schedules and routes are set. You're ready to get your trucks rolling and keep them moving, one service call to the next. You've matched your best-qualified technicians to the vehicles, equipment, and maybe even other contractors they'll need to be able to meet your customers' expectations upon arrival.

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What Millennials Want from the Home Services

If you haven't used services such as Uber, Netflix, DoorDash, Amazon, or Postmates, it's likely you've heard of at least a few of them. These companies have changed the way millions of people hail rides, see films, and order takeout in such a radical way that countless other industries are scrambling to adopt similar principles to entice their customers.

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The Top 8 Field Service Management Books Every Pro Needs to Read

Whether you're still a novice in the trades or have decades of experience service homeowners and running your own business, you never stop learning. Being a successful tradesperson in 2018 means staying aware, informed, and always ready to sharpen your skills and anticipate emerging shifts in your injury.

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Responding to Bad Yelp Reviews | 5 Tips For Your Business

As soon as a business starts soliciting feedback from customers on websites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, it needs to prepare for the inevitable: bad reviews. Bad reviews are frustrating for businesses and business owners. Companies often put an immeasurable amount of effort into establishing good customer service practices. Still, bad reviews can occur unexpectedly. Unfairly. And, worst of all — they're public.

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Facebook Marketplace Will Now Help Users Find Home Service Professionals

[Facebook announced]( that its Marketplace platform will now allow users to browse, interact with, and select home service businesses in their area.

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3 Effective Lead-Generating PPC Strategies for Home Service Businesses

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is especially great for home service companies because customers are usually looking for an immediate solution when searching for your services. If you play your cards right, your ad will appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), making your company one of the top choices for consumers.

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6 Strategies For Managing Mobile Employees

Where the rest of the world's workforce is moving, the home service industry has always been: mobile. Today, fears about managing a mobile workforce plague traditional head honchos everywhere. Though telecommuting saves overhead, managing a workforce of telecommuters is not an easy task.

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7 Simple Marketing Tools That Will Give Your Home Services Business an Edge

Whether you run a residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical or other home service business you have two key roles — that of a tradesperson, but also that of small business marketer. In today’s competitive climate you have to be good at both to grow your business.

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Field Service Management Software + GPS Vehicle Tracking = Huge Value

Sometimes you can bring two technologies together and create a lot more value than the sum of what those tools offer individually.

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Women in the Trades: Angie Snow

*March is Women's History Month and ServiceTitan is spending the coming weeks celebrating the __Women In The Trades!__ This blog series will profile some of the most dynamic and inspired women who are currently working in the trades, defying barriers, and making singular contributions to the industry.*

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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home Service Company's Social Media Presence

Social media has changed the way people use the internet and transformed into a powerful tool for businesses looking to distinguish themselves from the competition. What is your home services business doing to engage with customers, highlight your brand and promote your services online?

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5 Critical Tips for Creating a Home Services Business SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization remains an impenetrable topic for many small business owners but even a foundational understanding of how to optimize their web presence can yield big returns in the ultra-competitive HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries.

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Why Enriching Company Culture at Your Home Services Business Matters

Staffing and employee retention are emerging as a key issues in the home services industry prompting many business owners to take a hard look at what their company offers employees besides a steady paycheck.

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The Best Ways to Evaluate Your Home Services Marketing Efforts

Your company is on the radar in your area. Your inflow of new business is steady, but marketing efforts seem scattered. How do you know you’re using everything you have in your toolbox to get the right customers interested in your services? How can you streamline your funnel of efforts and use your resources better to market for your company?

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6 Ways to Retain Skilled Service Technicians

In a world where good technicians are hard to find, keeping them is critical. Studies on the topic of turnover costs never turn up consistent numbers, but we can all agree that the costs exist.

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6 KPI's Your Home Services Business Should Be Tracking

When you own a small business, it can be hard to know how to measure success and make sure you're primed to grow. There are, however, tried-and-true KPIs to help you monitor the trajectory of your company and correct the course as you face new challenges.

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Confronting the Home Services Staffing Crisis: How to Cultivate Talent

It's no secret: The home services industry is facing a staffing crisis that experts predict could diminish the industry within the next decade. There are steps companies can take, however, to protect themselves from the looming talent gap and foster long, fruitful tech careers at their company today.

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4 Key Business Objectives for a Growing Home Services Company

Making time to identify your business goals is tough. And actually doing it is even tougher. Here are our best tips about how to get started, followed by what we believe are the key objectives you might want to include.

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Survey Results: How HVAC Companies Take On the Busy Season

How do HVAC companies take on summer, the busiest time of the year? Do they bring on more technicians or work overtime? Read on to find out.

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How To Build Rapport Over The Phone And Establish Lasting Relationships With Customers

Companies have become really good at answering questions.Customer service reps will sit there on the phone and answer every customer question under the sun, and when the customers have had all their questions answered, they say, Wow, you