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Bradham Brothers — Part 9: What’s This About?

Mike Persinger
June 15th, 2021
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Bradham Brothers, an HVAC and electrical company in Charlotte, N.C., is going through onboarding with ServiceTitan. With 50 employees and about 20 trucks in the field, taking on a new software can be a challenge. This company took ServiceTitan along for the journey. 

Part 9: 'What’s This About?'

With one week to go before Bradham Brothers Inc.’s go-live date on ServiceTitan, there’s a distinct feeling among Office Manager June Summey’s staff. 


One thing is known: The long-term forecast is calling for the first 90-degree days of the Carolina summer on Saturday -- continuing through Tuesday’s go-live date and beyond. 

Bradham Brothers President Pete Bradham had been worried about that chance. So had Summey. 

“We might've caused it,” she said. “That's what I told Pete. We probably helped. I was afraid of that because it really is amazing that we're this far into May without all those hot days, and it's been a blessing, but at the same time, it's going to hit right when everything else is. So that is nerve-wracking.”

It’s not that her staff isn’t prepared. They have done the dry-run, sandbox training through ServiceTitan, but had to stop short of the final step of exporting data, to keep reporting accurate once the last data is imported from the old program. 

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“There's so many things that we don't have access to yet, so we can't follow the process all the way through to the end,” Summey said. “Everybody's a little nervous, a little scared. I know it's going to be one of those, throw us in the water and we'll swim kind of things. 

“Everybody's coming at me, ‘What about this? What about that?’ And I'm like, ‘I don't know.’ I don't know yet because I can't access that part of it yet either.”

But she’s confident, too, that onboarder Nora Bishop and others from ServiceTitan will be around, at least virtually, to help. 

”I told them that,” she said. “It's just like anything. We're all pulled with the tug rope to get us into the new, but then once we're there, we're there.”

Despite the weather forecast, Bradham is full-go. 

“I’m hesitant to do it, but sometimes you need to do it,” Bradham said. “When it’s game time, the inevitable is going to happen anyway. I feared the timing was going to be bad, and it probably is bad. But I think we can turn it into a positive.

“There’s no better time to do it than when you’ve got that pressure. We’re going to keep pushing through it.”

Because pushing through is what the Bradham Brothers family does.

“That's it. That's it,” Summey said. “Sink or swim. So we're going to swim. We're going to swim because we're determined.”

What does Bishop think? She has overseen dozens of ServiceTitan go-live dates, and what she has seen from Bradham Brothers means she has a definite expectation.

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