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The Best Pest Control Equipment to Combat Critters and Build Your Business

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Clock IconNovember 16th, 2020
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Table of Contents
  1. Basic Pest Control Tools

  2. Pest Control Equipment for Starters

    1. Dust Applicator

    2. Bait Stations

    3. Webster Dusters

  3. Pest Control Inspection Tools

    1. Bed Bug Light Wand

    2. Termite Injection Tools

  4. Upgraded Pest Control Machinery

    1. Power Duster

    2. Pest Control Backpack Sprayer

  5. Digital Pest Control Tools

    1. Field Guide App

    2. Pest Control Software

Every pest infestation your technicians fail to prevent or must return to re-treat costs your company time and money, so it’s imperative you invest in the most innovative and effective pest control equipment available today. The best tools also improve your team’s efficiency and show customers you run a modern pest control company that stays updated on industry innovations. 

Beyond the basic supplies of chemical tanks and protective gloves, we checked every crack and crevice to compile this comprehensive list of the best pest control equipment. It will help you pick pest control tools to improve the services your company provides as well as increase profitability.

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Basic Pest Control Tools

Preventive pest control and the treatment of common, active bug infestations such as ants and spiders typically involve spraying insecticides around the home or business perimeter, as well as inside crawl spaces or interior rooms where customers spot unwanted insects.

At minimum, pest control technicians carry in their trucks a pesticide canister and pest control sprayer equipment, such as a telescopic extension pole to reach up high or spray in hard-to-access spots. 

We asked the experienced, certified experts at Phoenix Pest and Wildlife Control in Central Indiana what pest control equipment they deem essential to their job when eliminating bugs, rodents, and other natural nuisances that infest homes and commercial properties.

“Chemical tanks and gloves!” says Cassi Magnus, who co-owns Phoenix Pest with her husband, Bryant, and manages the company’s office. Both certified with Indiana State Chemist, Cassi also maintains a Zoonotic Diseases certification and Bryant boasts additional certifications in Bat Exclusion Standards and Wildlife Control Operations.

“Tanks get upgraded periodically, but are still similar to the older designs,” she says of the tried-and-true tools used by several generations of pest control professionals.

In addition to chemical-resistant gloves, don’t forget to pack other essential PPE gear such as safety glasses, a Tyvek protective suit, and a face mask, preferably one with an air-purifying respirator when using pest spraying equipment in enclosed spaces.

Pest Control Equipment for Starters

Dust Applicator

A dust applicator is another basic, go-to pest control tool used to combat bed bugs, infestations on garden plants, and places where pest control sprayers aren’t safe, such as inside electrical outlets. Pesticide dusters can be manual or battery powered, and some come with telescopic extension poles. 

If you’re launching a new pest control company, be sure to purchase an inexpensive insecticide duster to include in your pest control start-up kit. 

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Bait Stations

Stock up on weather-resistant bait stations for efficient execution of rodent populations and some insects such as termites and ants—also an inexpensive pest control tool that’s safe in areas with kids and pets. 

Be sure to add a sticker with your pest control company logo to the bait stations, so you can recover and reuse them on other jobs (and the free promotional advertising doesn’t hurt, either).

Webster Dusters

Webster dusters for clearing cobwebs also make the list of basic pest control start-up equipment to invest in as you begin serving clients. The soft, contoured bristle brush atop a telescopic extension pole makes work more pleasant in tight spaces with spiders, such as crawl spaces, and ensures arachnids looking for new hunting grounds don’t take up residence in old webs.

You can buy webster dusters with a swivel tip, or really upgrade this basic pest control tool by adding a dust applicator with a hose and manifold that features several chambers for distributing insecticide dust throughout the brush head.

Pest Control Inspection Tools

It’s important to identify what kind of bug or wildlife you’re up against and the extent of the infestation before you decide how to best treat the problem. Aside from a basic set of tools, such as a screwdriver to remove outlet covers and a quality flashlight, gain an edge on your competitors by stocking a few specialized pest control tools to find and treat the most problematic pests. 

Bed Bug Light Wand

Infestations of bed bugs, an increasingly common and pervasive pest, present homeowners and businesses with a pesky situation they’ll be in a hurry to solve. Invest in a bed bug light wand to quickly discover hot spots of the teeny blood-suckers on mattresses, bedding and nearby locations. This pest control inspection tool illuminates evidence of bed bugs using UV light.

Termite Injection Tools

If you find tell-tale signs of extensive termite damage, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Invest in termite injection tools, specialized attachments made for large commercial pest control sprayers, to apply termite treatments directly into the soil, under concrete slabs, in concrete block wall cavities, and inside structural voids. Termite tool kits become a necessity when termites take over and bait stations no longer deliver results. 

Upgraded Pest Control Machinery

Power Duster

For added efficiency, consider upgrading to electric or battery-powered commercial pest control equipment. The Exacticide Power Duster makes quick work of big jobs, especially when applying insecticide dusts and granules in places that require precision but in which you can’t use chemical pest control sprayers, such as around exposed electrical wiring. 

A power duster for pest control typically runs on batteries, saving techs time, eliminating much of the manual labor, and reducing the amount of wasted pesticide.

Pest Control Backpack Sprayer

A pest control backpack sprayer offers another time-saving tool for technicians trying to cover a lot of ground. Upgrade your pest spray equipment even further by investing in a motorized backpack sprayer for quicker applications, and to safely spray when working on a ladder or in other precarious places. 

Look for a professional pesticide sprayer that features an adjustable, stainless steel bug sprayer wand and stainless steel nozzle screens to keep this pricey pest control machine buzzing for years to come.

Digital Pest Control Tools

These days, it’s nearly impossible to operate a pest control company—or any kind of business—without employing some digital technology to help it thrive. 

As young, yet established business owners with a decade of experience, the Magnuses integrate new technologies with established pest management techniques at Phoenix Pest and Wildlife Control. They continuously work to stay current on industry advancements and maintain their professional certifications.

“It is always best to integrate old and new. We use a lot more software now, and that helps save time for our technicians,” Cassi Magnus says. “We’re also involved in NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) to keep up with what is truly best for the critters and our customers.”

Field Guide App

The National Pest Management Association released its next-generation app, NPMA Field Guide PRO, in 2019. Available on all Android and iOS devices with an $8.99 annual subscription, this digital guide delivers on-the-job expertise about how to treat over 200 different pests right to your smartphone or tablet. 

Help educate customers on industry-recommended pest control methods and confidently identify tricky infestations with an advanced search function and continual content updates that include high-resolution photos, charts, and a glossary. Pest control pros can even submit questions and images to NPMA entomologists to receive additional guidance. 

Pest Control Software

You know bugs, but do you know business management? ServiceTitan pest control software offers field service companies a digital solution to tackle every facet of the business, from dispatching and scheduling to payroll and billing. 

Some of the ways pest control software improves business operations:

  • Track each team member’s performance and overall profitability through detailed reporting. 

  • Easily manage recurring maintenance agreements, estimates, and open invoices.

  • Automatically send appointment reminders and tech arrival times for improved customer communication.

  • Send segmented marketing emails to targeted audiences with a few quick clicks.

  • Interact with techs in the field as they close sales, collect payments, and log digital paperwork from a tablet. 

By utilizing a cloud-based software solution, you’ll exterminate any business inefficiencies bugging your team and retain more satisfied customers to prosper as a successful, sustainable pest control company.  

ServiceTitan Pest Control Software

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive pest control business software solution built specifically to help companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and achieve growth. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform is trusted by more than 100,000+ contractors across the country.

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