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2020 in Review: New Features that Helped Contractors Adapt & Succeed

January 6th, 2021
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2020 defined what it meant to be an essential worker, and as we look toward a new year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and find the silver lining. Our team here at ServiceTitan dove into the data — and our contractors have been busy!

We wanted to celebrate how our Titans worked hard, came through for their communities, and through it all, embraced a growth mindset through product training and seeking industry inspiration from peers. As we look at the numbers for this uniquely challenging year, we know more than ever that #TradesShowUp.

Looking at these stats, it’s pretty clear our customers outdid themselves this year. And every day, our team strives to support and amplify our contractors’ success. It comes as no news that ServiceTitan releases new features and product enhancements nearly every 4-5 weeks, and we want to highlight some of our can’t-miss releases of 2020.

Contactless Was (and Still Is) Key

In March, lockdowns went into place, ServiceTitan moved to a remote-work model, and our team went into overdrive to help our customers adapt to the unexpected new norm that the pandemic forced upon them. We fast-tracked the Covid Product Pack — which included 22 features to allow customers to thrive and safely operate in this new environment. From delivering tools to operate businesses remotely, to keeping employees and communities safe with a contactless experience, to generating more jobs, the Pack was released in just four weeks.

Knowledge is Power

Starting at the management and administrative level, it was a year full of opportunities and challenges. Staying on top of business in real time became just as crucial as your services were to your customers. The Modular Dashboard brought new visuals, enhanced scorecards, and stronger ties to reports 2.0, bringing reporting and real-time decision making to the next level. Integrating other applications and setting up automations received a boost with the Zapier Integration. Creativity, problem solving and efficiency came together as our contractors built unique automations for essential workflows. 

Automation Saves the Day

CSRs are now equipped with powerful new features to help them follow up on leads, identify key opportunities, and book the optimal number of jobs. Information from incoming inquiries can now be saved as Customer Leads, so that CSRs can follow up. Property Data can help CSRs see details about customer locations. And with Adjustable Capacity Planning, they can select an arrival window while booking jobs, all while knowing how many technicians have enough time to complete that job.

Fueled for More Speed

Just when you think dispatchers couldn’t get any faster, nearly 35,000 dispatch professionals got features as simple as a Right-click to Assign Technicians to jobs from the map. Speaking of which, Map 2.0 was also released with color-coding, filtering and live updates. And finally, we introduced the ability to Mass Reschedule technicians to jobs on subsequent dates, allowing your team to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Customizing the Customer Experience

Turning towards good, better, best estimates, if you were too distracted with Blue Collar Nerd’s celebratory dancing, you may have missed that Estimate Templates arrived with the ST-49 release, allowing the 95k+ Technicians using ServiceTitan to select and present pre-populated estimates in a snap. And looking at those low monthly payments, our Service Finance Integration introduced another great first-look financing partner to help entice customers and close more higher-end estimates.

An Enhanced Photos and Media Experience created a dedicated section for photos and videos on the job, customer, and location records, where technicians can upload, delete, and rename files, so the rest of your team can easily view and manage them.

When using a tablet isn’t practical, techs can use Phone Capture to text a link to their phone, so they can take a photo and upload it directly to ServiceTitan. And when they’re done with their job, techs can alert dispatchers and CSRs by sending out a Wrap-Up Message.

Down to the Decimals

Filed under “You Asked, We Listened”: Purchasing and Inventory Managers began adding up to 10 decimal places on Unit Costs with Enhanced Costing Precision, impacting everything from Pricebook to purchasing to accounting. More precise costs for equipment and materials means more accurate matching all around. There’s also the hours and hours of saved time with the Pricebook Redesign, which included an Inline Editor and the ability to Bulk Item Update.

Receivables, Reconciliations, and Taxes

Accounting teams welcomed Payment Collections, which made it easy to collect deposits, manage overpayments, and freely move payments between invoices. Automated Sales Tax Tracking for QuickBooks Online and Desktop applies the right sales tax when invoices are exported. And with the Transactions Reconciliation Report, teams can more easily review transactions and compare totals between ServiceTitan and Intacct or Quickbooks Desktop.

Attracting More Business

This was a big year for Marketers of the Trades! In 2020, we added several new marketing channels for contractors to generate business from both new and existing customers. With Google Local Services Ads and our booking integration, you can expect high-quality booked jobs, not just leads, to come through the call booking screen.

We also beefed up Marketing Pro by adding Direct Mail and Reputation to the Marketing Pro suite, enabling marketers to hyper-target customers with postcards and strengthen their online reputation with review generation and management.

Finally, to make sure you can quickly optimize your marketing for next year, you can access a brand new Marketing Analytics dashboard, where you can quickly see top performing categories, campaigns, and ROI metrics. 

As you set your goals for 2021, be sure to leverage the new Academy. We’ve made it easier for you to find the right courses, assign employees, and monitor your team’s training progress. Our goal is to make it simple for your team to get the most out of ServiceTitan. And we’re just getting started… *hint* We have a new feature coming soon. Join our webinar on Jan. 7 to learn more.

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