Work your Workflow: Where Strategy and Success Meet

October 21st 2021

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Guest speakers
Dawn Wasicek

Implementation Manager and Partner

Powerhouse Consulting

Evaluate current workflows and identify areas of improvement within your service business
What you will learn:
  • What you need to create a successful workflow for every area of your business

  • How to use data to evaluate the effectiveness of existing workflows

  • The “Needle in the Haystack” theory and how testing is crucial to workflow success

Many companies in the trades have moved to paperless offices and have been through one or more software conversions. With this, technicians and office staff are lost somewhere between how they used to do things, how they should be doing things, and just getting through the day.

To make the most out of your software investment, Powerhouse Consulting (a ServiceTitan Certified Partner) is joining us for a free, prescriptive webinar that will teach you how to evaluate your current workflows and identify areas of improvement within your service business. 

Whether you’re looking to improve technician conversion rate, customer satisfaction, or marketing ROI, this webinar will help get you started in the right direction. We recommend this webinar to anyone interested in improving their ServiceTitan workflows, or who is looking to gain a better understanding of how ServiceTitan workflows can streamline their business processes.

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