A Conversation About the Supply Chain Crisis

June 22nd 2021

Guest speakers
Dr. David Closs

Supply Chain Expert

Bret van de Heuvel

VP of Equipment Sales


Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


What you will learn:
  • The current state of the supply chain problem and who it’s affecting.

  • Strategies to help “weather” the current crisis.

  • What impact, if any, this will have on your future business strategy.

  • Tips for communicating with affected customers.

In the last few months, transportation issues coupled with labor shortages have caused material prices to skyrocket, impacting everyone, including contractors. While there isn’t an easy solution to this problem, ServiceTitan has partnered with supply chain expert Dr. David J. Closs from Michigan State University to answer your questions about the current crisis. He’ll be joined by the VP of Equipment Sales at Gensco, Bret van de Heuvel, and ServiceTitan’s Director of Customer Relations, Chris Hunter to give you a thorough breakdown of the issue at hand and offer some tips for how to handle it.

Join Chris, Bret, and David LIVE as they discuss the current supply chain challenges and unlock tips on how to deal with the situation.

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