3 Strategies to Unlock Success During Shoulder Months

October 19th 2023

Guest speakers
Jawad Olabi

Managing Partner

ServicePro CFO

What you will learn:
  • Pricing for Profitability: Explore how Gross Margin insights shape your pricing strategy, stabilizing profit during Shoulder Months.

  • New Lead Generation: Utilize your team and customer data to unlock fresh opportunities.

  • Vendor Management: Grasp the impact of vendor terms on your cash conversion cycle, using this insight to propel vendor negotiations.

Navigating the 'Shoulder Months' in the HVAC industry can be a daunting challenge. These transitional periods can often feel like stagnant waters, where businesses are tested in their ability to maintain steady growth and profitability amidst changing demands. Join Jawad Olabi from ServicePro CFO, a ServiceTitan Certified Accountant, as he delves into '3 Strategies to Unlock Success During Shoulder Months.' This webinar will illuminate how you can effectively recalibrate your pricing strategies, tap into the potential of existing customers, and navigate vendor management to make the most of these challenging times. Moreover, gain insights into practical approaches and actionable steps to transform these months from hurdles to opportunities.

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