ServiceTitan Product Roadmap Update: Providing a World-Class Homeowner Experience

November 11th 2021

Guest speakers
Tom Howard

VP of Customer Success & Experience


Vahe Kuzoyan

Co-Founder & President, ServiceTitan


What you will learn:
  • How to harness the power of AI tools to increase job growth, overall profitability, and homeowner satisfaction.

  • The ability to provide a more accessible company that gives homeowners more booking options rendering you increased booking rates.

  • Insights on using automation to lower your operating costs and give your CSRs and dispatchers additional time to work more effectively.

Join ServiceTitan’s President, Vahe Kuzoyan and VP of Customer Experience, Tom Howard as they discuss the key software updates we have been working on to provide you and your customers with a world-class homeowner experience. We will also share upcoming features that will help you efficiently automate office tasks, while growing your business. We’re building for tomorrow, while providing the features you need today.

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