How to Perfect your Purchasing Process with ServiceTitan

October 28th 2020

Guest speakers
Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


Adam Cronenberg

COO, A1 Garage Door

A1 Garage Door, Phoenix, AZ

What you will learn:
  • How to assess your company’s purchasing needs

  • How to identify and avoid bad purchasing habits

  • How to optimize your purchasing workflows and get more visibility through automation

How many hours a week do you waste on purchasing? 

Whether you’re a ServiceTitan customer leveraging legacy systems to manage purchasing, or an industry leader spending hours on the phone with manufacturers to clear up order confusion, ServiceTitan’s new purchasing module has a solution for you.

Join Adam Cronenberg, COO at A1 Garage, and Chris Hunter, Director of Customer Relations at ServiceTitan, as they hash through efficiently running your purchasing and truck replenishment, optimizing your workflows, and working through change management. Adam and his team have generated over 30,000 purchase orders through ServiceTitan and he's eager to show you how to save hours each week with just a few clicks!

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