How to Protect Your Margins with ServiceTitan Pricebook

July 1st 2021

Guest speakers
Ryan Stare

Solutions Architect


JC McAllister


Eyal Binshtock

Principal Product Manager


What you will learn:
  • Fundamentals of pricebook maintenance

  • Bulk editing within the ServiceTitan pricebook

  • Leveraging supplier integrations via Pricebook Connect

  • Best practices for ServiceTitan’s purchasing module

As equipment and material prices ebb and flow in response to the current inventory crisis, contractors across the country are struggling to both delight customers and turn a profit. Make sure your services are priced appropriately (and competitively) in this live webinar with ServiceTitan’s in-house pricebook experts.

Join LIVE for an overview of our most compelling pricebook features plus maintenance tips from our team of industry experts.