How TNT Home Services Stays Competitive with Price Insights

March 16th 2023

Guest speakers
Laura Thornton


What you will learn:
  • Get a better understanding of ServiceTitan’s Pricing Insights with Regional Average Pricing and how you can use it to protect your margins and stay competitive

  • Get insight into TNT’s real-time pricing philosophy and how they use Pricebook Pro, Pricing Insights, and Pricing Builder to efficiently implement pricing changes

  • Plus, see a live demo of Price Insights and access to a live Q&A

Don't miss this exclusive webinar with Laura Thornton, General Manager of TNT Home Services!

We’ll discuss why regularly updating pricing is increasingly important in light of rising vendor costs, inflation, fluctuating material costs, and more. Learn how to leverage ServiceTitan's Pricing Insights to check regional average data and see how your prices stack up against competitors. Gain invaluable insight into TNT's pricing philosophy while arming yourself with the tools to stay competitive and protect margins.