Top 5 Tips for Outbound Calls with Angie Snow

September 30th 2021

Guest speakers
Angie Snow

Principal Industry Advisor at ServiceTitan and shop owner


Book more jobs during the off season with Angie Snow's top tips for outbound calling.
What you will learn:
  • Who to target for outbound calls and how to measure success

  • Best practices for outbound call scripts and making a good first impression

  • Different types of outbound campaigns to test at your business

  • How to do all of this with ServiceTitan and Phones Pro

Fall is here and it’s time to get proactive with outbound calls to keep your techs busy and revenue coming into your business. But making that switch from converting inbound calls to making outbound calls can be difficult for some of your office staff. 

In order to get more booked jobs instead of bothered customers this off-season, Angie Snow, Director of Customer and Product Training at ServiceTitan, has some key tips for outbound calling to keep your CSRs driving revenue even when your phones aren’t ringing. Join to watch Angie’s presentation and Q&A live!

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