Nailing Your Niche: How to Identify Your Company's Sweet Spot & Attract Ideal Customers

June 29th 2023

Guest speakers
Christeen Era


Core Growth Strategies

What you will learn:
  • How to identify your ideal customers and fire those that aren’t

  • Tips on how to find your profit center to generate more profit with less work

  • How to implement “The Pumpkin Plan” to find your business’s “sweet spot.”

If you’re unsure how to continue growing your business, you probably haven’t found your niche or “sweet spot.” 

Christeen Era, Founder of Core Growth Strategies, has helped hundreds of contractors find their “sweet spot,” target ideal customers and systemize their processes to springboard growth. Join her for this free, 1-hour webinar to learn how you can apply her tried and true techniques to your service business.