How to Manage Multiple Service Locations with Len the Plumber

October 6th 2022

Guest speakers
Aanika Patel

VP of Business Strategy & Integration

Len the Plumber

What you will learn:
  • How Len the Plumber uses a centralized hub model to support all LTP branches

  • How to support the growth of multiple branches with different needs

  • Details on ServiceTitan features that support the management of multiple locations

  • What to consider when acquiring an existing business

Running multiple service locations is stressful, especially if you don’t have the tools to streamline operations, clear communication among branches, brand consistency, or expert advice to guide your strategy.

Aanika Patel joined Len the Plumber (LTP) as the VP of Strategy & Business Integration in June 2020. Since then, LTP Home Services has acquired six businesses and opened two additional locations.

Join this live discussion with ServiceTitan and Aanika to learn how this 13-branch contractor leverages technology to run a thriving business. Plus, get some inspiration for your next expansion.