2023 MEP Innovation Recap Webinar

February 16th 2023

Guest speakers
Mark Terzigni

Executive Director of Market Sectors and Construction Technology


Sean McGuire

Director of Innovative Technologies

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

Tauhira Ali

Executive Director of Industry Innovation


What you will learn:
  • Key takeaways around MEP Innovation Conference on education and training

  • Strategies you can apply to your business to increase productivity and profitability

  • Shared innovations and new technologies

Join the ServiceTitan, Mark Terzigni Executive Director, Market Sectors and Construction SMACNA, Sean McGuire, Director of Innovative Technology at MCAA, and Tauhira Ali, Executive Director of Industry Innovation at NECA, in this free webinar, where they will share key takeaways and learnings from the MEP Innovation Conference.

About MEP:  MEP – Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trades encompass a variety of skilled work in construction projects, including sheet metal and pipe welding. In today’s construction process, work performed by these trades takes a high level of coordination, precision, and skill. Innovation and technology play a large role, and these associations represent those trades that can provide you with the education and training required.