How to Drive $23M in Revenue with Memberships

HOSTED BY Jamie DiDomenico • RECORDED ON May 28th, 2020

Jamie DiDomenico of CoolToday has over 17k membership agreements for multiple trades that generate $23 million in revenue every year. And no, that's not a typo. 

By delivering real value to customers through their various membership programs, CoolToday has created a loyal customer base allowing them to account for 20% of HVAC market share in Sarasota, FL. Join us LIVE to hear how you can apply Jamie's foundational membership principles to your service business, regardless of the trade.

What you will learn:

  • Common myths surrounding membership programs

  • The difference between a relational customer and a transactional customer

  • What kind of value customers look for in a membership program

  • How to build a successful membership program

  • What internal operations and goals to establish to deliver success

Meet your speaker

Jamie DiDomenico


Jamie DiDomenico began his trade career in 1981, working for a company out of South Florida – Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach. During his time there, he moved up in positions from Warehouse to Controller, to Branch Manager, eventually leaving in 1997 to join a national consolidator, Blue Dot, a subsidiary of Northwestern Utilities as regional Vice President. 

 In 2004 he purchased N&M Cooling and Heating in Sarasota, Florida, a $2 million company with 16 employees. In 2006, he rebranded the company, CoolToday in 2006, adding Plumbing Today in 2008 and Energy Today in 2009, acquiring six companies along the growth journey. By 2018, he expanded his plumbing and HVAC companies to Tampa, FL.  

 The Wrench Group acquired CoolToday, a now $44M business, in 2019. The company continues to expand, recently buying another business in Naples, FL.

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