How to Drive $23M in Revenue with Memberships

May 28th 2020

Guest speakers
Jaime DiDomenico

President, CoolToday


What you will learn:
  • Common myths surrounding membership programs

  • The difference between a relational customer and a transactional customer

  • What kind of value customers look for in a membership program

  • How to build a successful membership program

  • What internal operations and goals to establish to deliver success

Jamie DiDomenico of CoolToday has over 17k membership agreements for multiple trades that generate $23 million in revenue every year. And no, that's not a typo. 

By delivering real value to customers through their various membership programs, CoolToday has created a loyal customer base allowing them to account for 20% of HVAC market share in Sarasota, FL. Join us LIVE to hear how you can apply Jamie's foundational membership principles to your service business, regardless of the trade.

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