Acquiring New Customers with Marketing Pro - Direct Mail

January 5th 2023

Guest speakers
Heather Donaldson

Senior Project Manager


Ara Sarkisyan

Senior Project Manager


What you will learn:
  • Why targeted direct mail campaigns should be a key component of your lead generation efforts

  • How to create prospect mailing lists using Marketing Pro

  • Best practices around creating direct mail acquisition campaigns

Mass postcard mailings have been around forever, but generating leads that convert into jobs requires a more targeted, more strategic approach.

Join the ServiceTitan Marketing Pro team as we introduce our new Acquisition Audience Builder for Marketing Pro - Direct Mail. Learn how to build targeted mailing lists based on property data and use our professionally designed postcard templates to launch your campaigns. We will also share best practices and strategies for creating effective direct mail acquisition campaigns so that you can get those phones ringing in the new year.