Los Titans presents Spanish in the Trades

October 18th 2021

Guest speakers
Mario Campirano


Express Electric

How to tap into the second-largest demographic in the United States with your current workforce and ServiceTitan.
What you will learn:
  • Current statistics and demographic data on Latinx technicians and customers

  • How Express Electric successfully marketed to their local Spanish-speaking community and increased revenue

  • How to create a company culture that embraces diversity and Hispanic heritage

  • Features in ServiceTitan to help you better service Spanish-speaking customers

Hispanics are the largest racial group in the United States making up 19% of the population. In border states like California, New Mexico, and Texas, the Hispanic population reaches close to 50%. What does this mean for service shops across the country? There’s a ton of opportunity to unlock if you can cater to the Spanish-speaking population. 

Mario Campirano, the owner of Express Electric based out of Southern California, has successfully marketed to his local Spanish-speaking community with a unique selling position, clear advertising, and the language skills of his workforce.

To commemorate the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, join Mario and the co-heads of ServiceTitan’s Los Titans charter for a discussion on how you can appeal to your Spanish-speaking staff and customers, unlock a new demographic, and create new opportunities for your Latinx co-workers and employees.

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