Introducing ServiceTitan Leads Integrations

December 15th 2022

Guest speakers
Jacob Levine


What you will learn:
  • Why leads integrations?

  • How the leads integration platform works with ServiceTitan and how to set it up

  • Best practices around following up with leads and improving lead conversion

Potential customers could be looking for your services anywhere: online searches, brick-and-mortar stores, suppliers, retailers, directories, and other trade-related partners.

Is your business making sure to meet potential customers where they are and provide them the level of customer convenience they have come to expect?

Join the ServiceTitan Leads Integration team as we introduce our new leads integrations platform. This self-service integrations platform will enable mutual customers of ServiceTitan and a growing list of lead source partners to receive leads directly on the booking screen - all in one place. Lead sources include Google Local Services, Trane, and American Standard, and the recently announced additions of Home Depot, Building36, and FlowPath.