How to Run ServiceTitan and Quickbooks like a Pro

HOSTED BY Kathy Nielsen • RECORDED ON June 4th, 2020

Whether you’re a long-term ServiceTitan customer, just getting started, or not yet a customer, Kathy Nielsen has some crucial Quickbooks tips for you.

During this webinar, she’ll explain how ServiceTitan and Quickbooks work together and how you should set them up. We’ll also discuss general accounting best practices to keep your general ledger in order, and your CPA happy!

*Please note: We will not be showing off features directly in ServiceTitan, but will show screenshots and link to relevant helps articles.

What you will learn:

  • The pros and cons of having a self-taught bookkeeper in your office and how to mitigate any risk

  • What trends owners should look for in their books

  • The difference between Quickbooks and ServiceTitan: who should have access, be able to make adjustments, and how they should work together

  • Common pitfalls: how to reduce manual entries and properly track AR, liabilities, and payables

Meet your speaker
Kathy Nielsen


Operations Excellence, LLC

Kathy Nielsen is very passionate about business operations and the attention, or lack thereof, that goes to the office side of the service industry. She first found her passion for teaching while running a plumbing company in Texas where she began coaching her industry peers on what it takes to be a successful GM.  Having visited shops all over the country, and being married to a technician, Kathy brings a holistic perspective on business operations to her clients. While some refer to her as the “ServiceTitan Guru”, Kathy is also incredibly skilled at helping identify and grow leaders within an office and creating hiring processes to get the right people in the right position and keep them! 

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