How to Inspire Extraordinary Performance in 2021

January 14th 2021

Guest speakers
Eddie McFarlane

VP of Learning & Development

Haller Enterprises

What you will learn:
  • How to run effective training sessions and on-on-ones that drive real, meaningful, and measurable change

  • Leadership styles and techniques to retain top talent and build an exceptional culture

  • How to set expectations with both new and existing employees that build trust and boost morale

If you’re bracing yourself for hiring challenges in 2021, congratulations; you probably work for, or own, a service company. 

While the technician labor shortage is a problem, Eddie McFarlane, VP of Learning and Development at Haller Enterprises, believes it’s one that can be solved from within your organization. Even better news? Making these changes are totally within your control.

Join ServiceTitan and Eddie, also a Board Member of ACCA and NATE, to unlock the essential leadership skills you can use to inspire your techs, CSRs and managers in 2021.