Feed the Funnel: 6 Ways to Improve Lead Quality for Higher ROI

July 13th 2023

Guest speakers
Dylan Kessler

Principal Product Manager


What you will learn:
  • Best practices for improving quality of leads generated by email and direct mail

  • Best practices on improving lead quality from digital ads

  • How Ads Optimizer automates the enrichment of data used by Google Ads and helps optimize for sales

  • How Ads Optimizer provides deeper insights to improve your return on ad spend

As the popular saying goes, “You are what you eat,” meaning what you feed yourself impacts overall health and well-being. Similarly, what you feed your funnel can impact the overall health of your business.  Are you generating enough leads? Are you getting responses to your ads? Are the calls and form conversions you are receiving on your site converting into sales and actually driving revenue?

Join Dylan Kessler as he dives into how your marketing operation can control lead quality by improving what goes into your funnel.