Kathy Nielsen’s "Hit-by-a-Truck" Approach to SOPs

February 18th 2021

Guest speakers
Kathy Nielsen


Operations Excellence, LLC

What you will learn:
  • Where to get started creating SOPs

  • How to get buy-in from your team members

  • Best practices for testing the effectiveness of procedures

  • Best practices for testing the effectiveness of procedures

Kathy Nielsen wants to know what would happen to your business if you got hit by a truck. No, seriously. And not just you, what if one of your key employees left, and was unable to train their successor? 

Business owners take this risk every day they don’t establish usable standard operating procedures. Luckily, having trained hundreds of business owners over her 20+ year trade career, Kathy has a solution. Her hit-by-a-truck theory helps contractors like you eliminate company vulnerability and set the stage for business growth—even if someone is hit by a truck.

Join Kathy and ServiceTitan LIVE to unlock this simple operations strategy that will proactively safeguard your business.

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