Optimize Your Time and Money - Top 3 Critical Data Automations

August 4th 2022

Guest speakers
Julie Vena

Lead Master Advisor

CEO Warrior

Celia Haveman

Automation Specialist

CEO Warrior

What you will learn:
  • How to leverage data to inform automation strategy

  • How to take action on underperforming KPIs

  • Best practices and tips for automating critical KPIs from the CEO Warrior Team

Discover the often overlooked critical data components business owners need to maximize profits and productivity. Unlock the next steps to dig deeper into what to do with your CRM's information.  

Don’t just automate for the sake of automation - learn what automation makes the biggest impact on your business today. Join the CEO Warrior team for this free webinar, where you’ll learn how to leverage your business data and streamline your operation to make you and your team more efficient.