The Benchmark Report - powered by Titan Intelligence

March 2nd 2023

Guest speakers
Tom Howard

VP of Customer Success & Experience


Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


Deanna Kawasaki

Sr. Director of Product, Titan Intelligence


What you will learn:
  • What is the Benchmark Report and why is it important

  • How businesses considered “Like Mine” are calculated

  • Recommendations on how to take action based on your ranking

Last year was a turbulent year with unprecedented weather and economic conditions, yet the trades closed with solid revenue growth over the prior year.

How did your business do compared to others like yours? Join ServiceTitan’s  VP of Customer Experience, Tom Howard, Director of Customer Relations, Chris Hunter, and Senior Director of Product, Titan Intelligence, Deanna Kawasaki as they walk through the latest update of the Benchmark Report - powered by Titan Intelligence. Dive deep into some of the data-driven insights included in your personalized report, including average ticket (install and service) and completed revenue.

See what steps you can take to move the needle forward based on an understanding of your company’s performance gaps and opportunities.

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Please note Benchmark Report is not available for Alaska and Puerto Rico.