Your Company Benchmark Report - powered by Titan Intelligence

June 2nd 2022

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Guest speakers
Tom Howard

VP of Customer Success & Experience


Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


Deanna Kawasaki

Sr. Director of Product, Titan Intelligence


Taking action on data-driven business insights
What you will learn:
  • What is the Benchmark Report and why is it important

  • What does it mean to be ranked in the Bottom 25th vs the Top 25th percentile? Is it ok to be average?

  • Recommendations on how to take action based on your ranking

  • What Titan Intelligence means for your business

Join ServiceTitan’s  VP of Customer Experience, Tom Howard, Director of Customer Relations, Chris Hunter, and Senior Director of Product, Titan Intelligence, Deanna Kawasaki as they walk through how to read your company’s Benchmark Report.

Learn how to interpret your percentile rankings which shows how your business performance measures up to businesses like yours. We’ll share tips on how you can use these insights to inform the strategic decisions you make next. Plus, you’ll learn how Titan Intelligence, or AI for the trades, will help you make faster, better business decisions and remain competitive in a data-driven world.

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